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picture 9 Jan 2003 @ 01:09, by ming. Travel
I have the itch to move right now. That's how my family and I ended up in California 18 years ago instead of our native Denmark. It is not a terribly rational thing, just an urge that says it is time to move on to somewhere very different. Trying to make the best determination as to where that should be, but once you decide, it is pretty much closing one's eyes and jumping, and working out the details later. It feels like southern Europe would be the thing. First I thought Switzerland, but on second thought I think maybe France is better. Something like Lyon, the Rhône-Alpes region. Not as crowded and hectic and expensive as Paris, but a place with lots of culture and connections. And central, easy to get to other places. But I haven't been there, and I don't know anybody there, and my French is not great. I have acquired a stack of all the right books, and I'll go and explore things in April, and if it still feels right, we'd probably move a couple of months later. Not that any of this is smooth or easy. It is a big thing to move to another country, and we're a family of five, each with our quite different priorities and ideas about what we like. Do any of you know anybody in that part of France? Having some personal connections there would really be helpful.  More >

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picture9 Aug 2001 @ 01:21, by fleer. Travel
A guy from the Netherlands set out on may 1st 2001 for a journey around the globe using a website to find a place to stay for a day.  More >

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