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 The egoMETER3 comments
picture13 May 2003 @ 15:50, by quidnovi. Recreation, Fun
This egoMETER is a device for measuring a test subjects ratio of self-indulgence to communitarian altruism. Clinical trials were conducted by the Significant Ego Litmus Foundation (S.E.L.F.) of Geneva, Switzerland over a two-year period to establish the raw technology used in creating this proto-type device.

The egoMETER was developed with a generous foundation grant from S.E.L.F. to Tesla Neon (Chico) and AXO Design (San Francisco) in an effort to establish an international technical protocol for ego assessment.

The S.E.L.F. foundation works tirelessly to develop worldwide awareness of rampant self grandiosement of modern society leading humanity down a course of cultural and environmental destruction. The egoMETER is critical as a diagnostic tool to identify a test subjects latent tendency toward narcissistic ego development and give a sound diagnosis so they can seek immediate treatment from a qualified ego conselor. Inflated ego is a treatable disease, if it is diagnosed early. Tesla Neon encourages everyone to have their ego tested so they can get on a path of balanced ego development. Save human culture and the environment, get tested today.

This device met all conditions and standards established The International Center for Standards in Psychological Test Apparatus (ICSPTA) Patent Pending
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 Vacation22 comments
picture17 Aug 2002 @ 09:19, by ming. Recreation, Fun
I just came back from a very enjoyable vacation in Denmark for a month with my family. Well, I'd sort of have preferred to post a bunch of updates along the way, but I didn't really have the excess energy for that. I can't really just take vaction for a month, so I had to keep my main computer work going, and I had various headaches just getting my computers connected, etc. But at some point I hope to be so comfortably connected that I can report on things as they happen.

We spent quite some time re-discovering our home country, driving around and playing tourists and stuff. But for me it is really the little nostalgic things that make a difference. Walking through a street I haven't seen since I was a kid. Picking up bread from the bakery in the morning. Hearing people talk Danish on the street.

And I ate way too much. But it was worth it I think.  More >

 NCN: The Practical and the Poetic8 comments
picture14 Jul 2002 @ 22:59, by quidnovi. Recreation, Fun

"Being set on the idea
Of getting to Atlantis,
You have discovered of course
Only the Ship of Fools is
Making the voyage this year…"
---W.H. Auden

The variety of inventive ideas---and ideologies---that people can come up with never ceases to amaze me...

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 The cost of words on the net0 comments
picture15 Apr 2002 @ 15:36, by ming. Recreation, Fun
This is a fun little happening. This fellow bought up text ads at google, connected with various keywords, and he used the space for fairly non-sensical poems. He has some interesting calculations and musings about the cost of a word, and the possibilities in sending people somewhere else than where they expect.  More >

 Car insurance and star signs0 comments
picture11 Feb 2002 @ 22:34, by ming. Recreation, Fun
An Australian insurance company studied the number of accident claims for people born in different star signs. Article here. For anybody who knows astrology the results shouldn't really be surprising at all. Geminis are on the average the worst drivers, and Capricorns are the safest.  More >

 Rowing across the Atlantic0 comments
picture17 Nov 2001 @ 19:12, by ming. Recreation, Fun
Starting 7th October 2001, 36 pairs of amateur rowers from 15 countries took off on a gruelling trip across the Atlantic, from Tenerife to Barbados. It is expected to take between 40 and 100 days for those who make it. There's an article in Wired News and the official site is here. Wow, looking at the real-time map the leading team is only 1 mile from Barbados this second, so it is just about over for them at least.  More >

 Leonid Meteor Shower0 comments
picture11 Nov 2001 @ 23:11, by ming. Recreation, Fun
The Leonid Meteor Shower might be the best show of its kind for decades. It peaks November 17-18. It will be visible with the naked eye, particularly over North America. See an article here.  More >

 Swami Beyondananda (Beyond and on da)
5 Nov 2001 @ 09:35, by sharie. Recreation, Fun
May the FARCE be with you,

Steve Bhaerman .

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"How to Tell if a Dogma is Friendly" by Swami Beyondananda

... Yes, it's a dogma-eat-dogma world out there, filled with pit bulls whose bull pits them against other dogmas. And while
we might be tempted to raise a stick to these bad dogmas, any
dogma-trainer will tell you that you cannot train a dogma to
be loving and obedient by beating it. To win a dogma's heart,
offer it a treat. Say, "Good dogma. Sit. Roll over ... heal."

Now of course it's sad but true that when a dogma is foaming at the mouth and is clearly rabid, it must be put down before it infects other innocent creatures. Even the most sentimental
dogma-lover understands that. So to help us all, I have divided dogmas into two  categories: Angry, unfriendly FundaMENTALIST dogmas, and the happier, more friendly FUNdamentalist ones.

FundaMENTAList             FUNdamentalist

*Accent on the mental.... Accent on the fun.
*Heaven is aboveus....... Heaven is where you make it.
*Ours is the One Way..... One Way? Do not enter!
*Laughter is frowned upon...Frowning is laughed upon.
*Vow of chastity. ..........Vow of levity.
*An eye for an eye......... Live and let live.
*You stone people...........People get stoned on their own.

Now the good news is, even the baddest dogma can change
simply by changing their emPHAsis to another sylLABle. And
to help teach these dogmas to heal, I am launching a Blisskrieg to warm the heart of even the most fearful and angry dogma. And we begin by kindling the spark of peace in our hearts and turning it into a bright flame. Then we share this spark of peace to light everyone and everything we come in contact with. It's a fight to the life! We will light them on the land, we will light them on the sea, we will light them in the air! We will even shine the light of love and laughter into their caves!

And maybe with enough light, enough of us will get so
frustrated with the stupidity of dogma-fighting, we'll just
surrender and say, "Ah, peace on it!" And with a little peace
here and a little peace there, who knows? We may end up with
one Big Peace everywhere, and both Nonjudgment Day and
Disarmaggedon will come to pass.

To hear Swami's song about Nonjudgment Day, click here.

 Artificial Intelligence.
picture4 Nov 2001 @ 18:27, by gyrfalcon. Recreation, Fun
Have a chat with A.L.I.C.E.  More >

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