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 Climate & Economy7 comments
17 Apr 2007 @ 16:15, by swanny. Environment, Ecology
What is a climate friendly economy though?

Draft Def: A Climate Friendly Economy is an economy that monitors, controls and limits its' greenhouse gas emissions, to being under a certain standard or target.

What target?
Well as stated a previous less disruptive target say the year 1850.  More >

 Declaration of WAR!10 comments
12 Apr 2007 @ 18:41, by swanny. Environment, Ecology

A proposal has been made for a "DECLARATION OF WAR" against greenhouse gases with troops being diverted to use in the enforcement of a manditory global moratorium and freeze on greenhouse gas emissions. This may even constitute a "Just War" as it seeks to address climate change as a crime not only against humanity but against the whole planet as we know it.  More >

 Follow the Animals3 comments
6 Apr 2007 @ 14:38, by swanny. Environment, Ecology
April 6, 2007
Good Friday

Morning , well I thought the children would save humanity but alas they have been silent, perhaps to far removed though not as much as we from the Planet.

I was thus in ponderation? New Climate Report out, somewhat disturbing but...

The animals, the birds and bees thus, they should know as they "knew" about the Tsunami in 2004, we must follow their lead.

It is perhaps backed by the realization that climate change has occurred before.
The 10 to 12,000 BC the climate was changing. Some nomadic tribes in Asia moved to the North and then to the East perhaps following the buffalo herds or ? their food . Then and there they found the land bridge at the Bering Sea and the aboriginals "discovered" America. They over the years thus found refuge here until the climate change that conquered the Mayans and Incas.

Let us watch then the animals and birds and bees and ants and live more like them. They are still more in touch and intuitive with the planet. They might act as guides as how to live in a sustainable and climate freindly manner. Apparently though we may lose 1/4 of the earths 50 million species but perhaps new ones will emerge.

sir ed  More >

 Extreme Strategies for Survival - the killer moth (caterpillar)12 comments
picture31 Mar 2007 @ 09:37, by jhs. Environment, Ecology
Last month my better half worked in the garden and all of a sudden started screaming, nearly passing out. A bit overreacting, I thought at first, before locating the source of her excruciating pain: a moth caterpillar, see photo (and see Lonomia in wikipedia).

A few people are killed everyday in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo by this cute little bugger but strangely there are no good pictures of how it actually looks like.

This moth caterpillar is not straight from Mothvana land, hehe, (see Polar Dynamics by Sandor&Dawson if you want to know about Mothvana Land). Still trying to isolate its exact location Orisha (archetype) system. Apparently belonging to the Ossayin class but the colors and other indicators are pointing towards a 'lone rider' Shango type.

In any case, it has NO natural enemies that would dare to eat it. Only one rare type of fly manages to leave their eggs in it (how?) and the eggs will eventually eat the caterpillar from the inside. Since this kind of fly is nearly extinct, it can be expected that this killer caterpillar may be even more of a problem in the future...

In the language of Tupi, the caterpillar is called Taturana, 'fire hair', sometimes also called Ruga. The only known antidote exists in the Instite of Butanta, away only 30 minutes or so, risking a few radar tickets, oh well, but luckily it wasn't necessary for us to get there.

After looking at their webpage...  More >

 Emerging Econations6 comments
picture19 Aug 2006 @ 19:50, by swanny. Environment, Ecology
August 19, 2006
Canada, Earth


Iceland, New Zealand, China and Cuba would seem to be on their
courses of becoming the Earths' first Econations, Iceland and New Zealand
being small but democratic nations as well.

Essentially I would envision that an Econation being a sustainable
nation that lives in global harmony and within its ecological ways
means and budget.

This opinion is based somewhat on research and media reports
and hence is not first hand but would seem to be somewhat consistent
over about 10 to 20 years of received reports.

A.G.Jonas  More >

 The Chrip Heard Round the world.4 comments
10 Aug 2006 @ 16:09, by swanny. Environment, Ecology
August 10, 2006


Ah, that is a deep, powerful and comforting memory, about my dear departed parakeet "Grassy".

You see, some six months before he passed on, I was having some troubles with the new owner of my apartment building in around the end of 2005. It was regarding my lease and pets. I feared he was going to evict my beloved companion birds or have them confiscated by trickery.

So after much heartache and despair, I secreted them some ninty miles north, to my parents place for safe keeping and there they stayed , we apart for some 2 to 3 months. I quite missed them but also I guess it was a good and needed break for me after some 5 years of constant company. I got a lot more done. Well, eventually, after the 3 month break, things quieted down and sorted themselves out and I arranged for some friends to bring them back down to me. I guess they had been well behaved under my parents keeping and care and my neice also had looked in on them too.

Well they arrived safely back to me in my friends with his girlfriends truck and as we were getting them out of the truck, Grassy, sweet grassy heard my voice after 3 months absence and let out such a cheerful sound or chirp of absolute glee and joy that even my friends were astounded.
And over and over would he chrip at the top of his lungs that I thought ? well not sure what I thought. I hadn't thought that they, animals nor birds no less were capable of "missing" some one and now the full realization dawns on me how amazing that scenario really was.

Here this bird I had never dared to touch out of respect, touched me in such a deep and profound way, with a cry as to recognize and "miss" me. A spontaneous cry of joy, of heart unbroken and with absolutely no pretense. A companions cry of love. Wow... well it was wow for me.

I hadn't realized how close we had bonded in those 5 years together. How treating a fellow creature as a person of equal rights and status formed such a deep strong yet not physical bond.

I can hear that cry now and I think it not only warms a heart but somehow brings something good to the entire world or perhaps universe akin to setting the female Angel free this year. Something innocent, spontaneous and unpretencious and unjaded happened. Something pure and true. A true ? expression?

Well anyway tis a deep marvelous mysterious and unfathomable universe aye?

Oh grassy my dear friend where ever you are, thankyou
Thankyou for the sheer agony and pain of your loss and this.
It could not have meant so much without it.
I guess we did finally touch then, on some distant, deep and perhaps sacred level, where few have gone before.

My my, that such a small, seemingly insignificant creature can wield such a might. Amazing simply amazing

Sadly it is a sound I will probably never have the honor to hear again but perhaps it was eonough to have heard, once upon a time, the chrip heard round the world.

Did you hear it?

A. G. Jonas  More >

 The Bird Report10 comments
22 Jul 2006 @ 16:10, by swanny. Environment, Ecology
July 22, 2006
To Hot

The Bird Report (Animal Democracy?)


Well every year, about this time, it seems about 100-200 crows get together for a few conventions on one of the taller buildings in downtown and seem to debate or vote a "new" leadership? The racket and commotion is reminisant of the debates and votes in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Then there are the magpies. They it would seem are the thugs and ruffians of the kingdom. The raven, very few, are here but not to sure how they fit in. They are sort of a lone wolf around here, causing extreme concernations of the crows.

Back to the crows. It seems crow "office fitness" is determined not by words but actions, as a fly around the assembly of these conventions and a vote is had, perhaps in a determinination of health or fitness or such ? Whether this leadership is hereditary or democratic is unclear. It almost seems a combo of both off hand.

The pigeons here seem like your average everyday citizen being harassed at times by both the crows and magpies.
The sparrows are the cute urchens or street children of the senario avoiding both the crows and the magpies but at times annoying the "without a clue" pigeons. Now the robins are a magnificent addition to this kingdom. A noble breed gracing the community affairs with a sense of honor and dignity.

Further out from the downtown, the pelicans, mallards, seagulls and canada geese can be found mostly hanging around the river, although the seagulls tend to frequent the landfills and fast food places. Ocassionally a troop or family of ducks will make an attempt to cross a major street in an effort to get to the river. Successful mostly if drivers give them the right of way.

Other smaller "foreign" birds like, blue birds and blue jays, and wrens and finches tend to frequent the parks and river areas.

Crows and magpies again, have met their demise when getting to friendly with the local cannies. A lesson to late for the learning it seems.

I've seen a few hawks and such around the river or near the large field, hunting for mice no doubt and maybe there's an odd eagle about but they tend to favour the high and wilderness areas.

I haven't as yet had the honor to see a hummingbird although I'm told they are around gracing the various floral arrangements. I have though seen a white parakeet in a tree that most likely must have escapet the bondage of some local home.

Back to reality though, I hear that many of our bird species are or will soon be in danger because of environmental degradation. A disquieting commentary on the human families impact on some of its neighbouring fellows.

I haven't seen any peasants or partriges around, except at Christmas and in a pear tree and in my ten years here I have yet to hear a peep of mention of the dodo bird which causes me to concur with its reputed extinction.

At any rate this has been a update of the bird report from Central Alberta Canada.

Ed Jonas  More >

 An Inconvenient Truth
picture 6 Jun 2006 @ 13:46, by scotty. Environment, Ecology
I don't play the fear game and usually avoid negativity when ever possible ... however some things need to be looked at square on in order to waken up to what's happening and take some positive action !

"Extreme poverty, intractable wars, virulent disease, hatred of all stripes–these are a few of the scourges we live with today. And yet global climate change trumps them all; for if it's not addressed, all life on the planet will be devastated, regardless of geography, class, race, or creed. The Inconvenient Truth is the gripping story of former Vice President Al Gore, who became interested in this startling issue while at college 30 years ago, and now devotes his life to reversing global warming. Traveling the world, he has built a visually mesmerizing presentation designed to disabuse doubters of the notion that climate change is debatable. The heart of Davis Guggenheim's film is this elegant multimedia lecture itself, where Gore indisputably correlates CO2 emissions with exponentially rising temperatures, already responsible for dramatic climactic shifts like ice-cap melting, drought, and rising sea levels. Interwoven with this riveting public address are intimate moments revealing the poetic, searching side of Gore as he struggles to define his purpose in the aftermath of the 2000 election. This is activist cinema at its very best, for it serves to popularize and demythologize a problem long obscured by those most threatened by the solution. With humor and searing intelligence, Gore outlines crucial steps we must take to avert impending disaster and proves that inaction is no longer an option–in fact, it's immoral."— Caroline Libresco

The film is not a story of despair but rather a rallying cry. ... An Inconvenient Truth[link]

 Weatherman9 comments
picture24 May 2006 @ 04:16, by koravya. Environment, Ecology
The world is going up in flames. The great fire is beginning. Nuclear weapons are no longer necessary. The planet is cooked. More and more individuals are going to make more and more decisions about what they think they need to do.
You don't need a weather man
To know which way the wind blows
Ice-Capped Roof of World Turns to Desert
By Geoffrey Lean
The Independent UK
[link]  More >

 The Cause9 comments
8 May 2006 @ 12:39, by swanny. Environment, Ecology
May 8, 2006

The Cause (of Global Warming)

The cause of global warming is perhaps that humanity is "taxing" too many of Gaia's (The Earth, A sentinent super organism or being) "fixed" resources and thereby hampering or complicating Gaia's "ability" to function normally in this dynamic Galaxy. We in a sense thus are "bankrupting" ourselves and the Earth through our overindulgence and living beyond ours and the planets means to function normally and "sustainabily." The planet is afterall on a fixed income and fixed capital base.

ed  More >

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