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 Now, here's a Challenge for us!... : )
14 Dec 2007 @ 02:55, by a-d. Environment, Ecology

At least it presents a growing challenge for me... and most likely for many of us... and for those, who already are doing all that can be done; please, tell us, who still are working on it as the saying goes, and let us know step by step how and what you did, eh? Can't wait to get some Hands-On tips!  More >

 New Discoveries1 comment
12 Dec 2007 @ 04:58, by bushman. Environment, Ecology
I so love the way NASA explains things.

Anyway they have sent up so many solar observing sats, and other devices, makes me wonder why all of a sudden its so important. But thanks NASA, you do open my eyes to some truth. :}

"THEMIS has also observed a number of relatively small explosions in Earth's magnetic bow shock. "The bow shock is like the bow wave in front of a boat," explains Sibeck. "It is where the solar wind first feels the effects of Earth's magnetic field." When a knot of magnetism within the solar wind hits the bow shock--"Bang!" he says. "We get an explosion."

The technical term for these explosions is "hot flow anomalies" or HFAs. HFAs boost the temperature of solar wind particles ten-fold (as high as 10 million degrees) and they can stop the solar wind dead its tracks. "This is no mean achievement considering the fact that the solar wind moves at supersonic speeds near a million miles per hour."

It dosnt say where this heat goes, but seems to me that 10 million degree solar wind could heat up some part of our atmosheric layers. So they don't really say it has anything to do with global warming or climate change, but seems like it could. So how many of these so called HFAs hit our planet's magneticfield during solar max? Guess we will have to wait a few more years to find out, but in the mean time, lets sell carbon credits and make some bank, lol.

Heres the link again if you missed it at the top:
[link]  More >

 Who Will Be US President In 2015?25 comments
picture20 Nov 2007 @ 02:23, by jazzolog. Environment, Ecology
The timpanist plays upon a living being. The stars are bursting with their messages: Turn to a child for the star's announcement.

---Robert Aitken

Greed is the basic cause of misery. Free yourself of greed, and the mountains, rivers, and earth do not block the light of your eyes.


To enter one's own self, it is necessary to go armed to the teeth.

---Paul Valery

Why 2015? That is the year, dictated by consensus of the 2500 scientists whose work created the UN report on global warming, when further growth of carbon emissions on this planet must cease. Within 35 years from that date, carbon dioxide and other atmospheric polluting gases must be reduced by 50 to 85 percent to avoid killing as many as a quarter of the species on Earth. [link] This was the announcement on Saturday, when the final portion of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) study was released to the public by this group that already has won the Nobel Prize.

I try to be a patient man. I waited Sunday and I waited today. I expected lead items in newspapers and broadcasts in this country. Well...let's say I hoped for them. Certainly it is the case elsewhere in the world, where concern is at the forefront. One of the good things about Google News is you can see what makes news in the various nations of the world...and what that news is. At the moment you have to type "global warming" into Search to find anything about these stark pronouncements.

We have people campaigning for President right now. The New York Times reported today that in Iowa, a sixth-grader asked Mrs. Clinton if she had any views on global warming. The paper went on to consider whether the question had been planted in the student's mind. There was no mention of what the candidate replied. [link] Have we all gone mad?

Recently it has been the pattern in this country for a person elected (or otherwise achieving the office of) President to serve 2 terms or 8 years. If that continues, whoever ends up President in 2008 still may be there in 2015. Do any of these candidates have a plan for such an incredible challenge? Next month---that's NEXT month---President Bush will lead the United States delegation to the United Nations Conference on climate change in Bali. Last year around this time that man announced he was pretty sure global warming wasn't caused by anything consumers in the free market might be burning coal or oil. US News & World Report asked this morning Do we HAVE to have this guy representing us? [link]

I listened pretty hard to my world today to see or hear if anyone seemed concerned about the IPCC report or global warming. It's going to be in the mid to upper 60s tomorrow and probably for Thanksgiving. People did remark on that...and sorta smile and shake heads. Ten years ago Dana and I were proud to go out to the garden and kick some snow off a little kale that was left to serve our smoked oysters on for Thanksgiving dinner. The other day people were telling me the crocuses and daffodils they planted in September are coming up already. What will it take to crash through all this denial?  More >

 Mayan Elders Gathering 26-27 November, 20072 comments
picture picture 5 Nov 2007 @ 01:05, by magical_melody. Environment, Ecology

Mayan Prophecy - Elders Gathering 26-27 November, 2007  More >

 THE 5TH HOOP, Message from Brother Larry Merculieff2 comments
picture picture 24 Oct 2007 @ 02:28, by magical_melody. Environment, Ecology
(Also see Mayan Calendar)

Hello Everyone,

It was just three days ago that my husband Max and I were given a message from the Earth about the upcoming shifts for the next cycle and a couple days later we received this message from a friend within our community confirming what we had been told.

This wisdom as expressed as the 5th Hoop is also referred to as the Fifth Night within the Mayan Calendar, for more information see the previous article within this log about the upcoming Fifth Night. We encourage you to read this very important message from our brother Larry.

Heart Blessings,

Alana & Max

Heartstory Website  More >

 G8 Gleneagels Dialog & Comparability, Fairness, and Fidelity
picture 10 Sep 2007 @ 11:20, by feecor. Environment, Ecology
Today and tomorrow in Berlin, the G8, UN organisations, and Stakeholders are assembling for a new round of climate policy negotiations 3rd Gleneagles Dialogues in Berlin. Keynoters include Gro Harlem Brundtland, and top representatives of the 20+ leading countries in the fields of energy and environment, and their pendants heading the top international organisations in the field.

Talking to Timothy Wirth United Nations Foundation, and Ricardo Lagos Club of Madrid and Global Leadership for Climate Action was very informative, .... please read MORE  More >

 Food for Thought - Is your fish or shrimp going to give you long life or end it?3 comments
picture3 Sep 2007 @ 15:29, by paretokid. Environment, Ecology
The global market for fish now means that the shrimp, salmon, sea bass, or cat fish could have begun life on in an Indian, European, or Chinese "farm." Since seafood farming is actually farming of both fresh and salt water species, it's referred to as aquaculture.

How much seafood is produced by aquaculture? <>

In 2003, World aquaculture seafood production contributed about 40 million tons, or about 30% of total World fisheries production of about 130 million tons. A decade ago, aquaculture contributed merely 17 million tons, making it the fastest growing food production branch Worldwide.

Where is aquaculture conducted? Almost everywhere, in cold climate developed countries, as well as in tropical climate less-developed countries, over all continents:

Asia 37.0 million tons, mostly in China Europe 2.0 million tons Americas 1.2 million tons Africa 0.28 million tons, mostly in Egypt.

Fresh water aquaculture: contributes about 58% of World aquaculture output. Marine aquaculture: contributes about 42% of World aquaculture output.

What is produced in aquaculture? In developed countries: Salmon, Sea bream, Sea bass, Catfish, etc. In less-developed countries: Marine aquatic plant Kelp, various Carps, Nile Tilapia, oysters various Shrimp species, mostly produced in extensive, low grade systems.

OK - sounds good - so what's the problem?

1. Remember the recent rounds of problems with Chinese exports to the US? Now, the Chinese are just as good a people as any other... but just as bad too.

2. Raw and greed-based capitalism could well lead Chinese producers of much of the shrimp now being sold in the US to be as unethical as those who poisened pet foods and slipped lead into the paint of children's toys.

3. Seemingly beneficial traditional integrated farming methods of the Chinese may become the source of mutating a new flu pandemic or other animal to human pandemic disease transfer.

Integrated farming of fish and livestock: [link]

Integrated farming of fish and livestock is an old practice consisting of the culture of fish (or shrimp) associated with the husbandry of domesticated animals such as pigs, ducks, chicken, etc. The aim of integrated farming is the recycling of animal wastes (faeces, urine and spoiled feeds) to serve as fertilizers, and sometimes as food for fish raised in ponds, enclosures and cages.

Food for thought eh?  More >

 Deadly Fish Virus in Great Lakes... no threat to people or animals?1 comment
picture19 Aug 2007 @ 17:05, by paretokid. Environment, Ecology
Welcome to the Global Marketplace from which many benefits and negaitves flow freely since the short term dollar is what really counts and not long term human or planetary health.

Cornell researchers have found that a deadly fish virus detected in the northeastern United States for the first time in June in two species has probably spread to at least two more. But they have yet to determine whether the virus is responsible for the death of hundreds of fish in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River in recent weeks.

Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV) was detected and confirmed for the first time in the Northeast

VHSV causes fatal anemia and hemorrhaging in many fish species but poses no threat to humans or other animals.

Source: Cornell University Date: July 20, 2006

Read on for more connections.

News not found at Captain D's or Red Lobster - grin - VHS is viral hemorrhagic septicemia, a viral fish disease that has. caused large scale mortalities in rainbow trout and turbot aquaculture operations ...

But what about? "Hemorrhagic septicemia is a highly fatal disease of cattle and water buffalo."

And then there is:

Hemorrhagic Fevers

Also called: VHFs

Viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) are a group of illnesses caused by four families of viruses. These include the Ebola and Marburg viruses and Lassa fever virus. VHFs have common features: they affect many organs, they damage the blood vessels and they affect the body's ability to regulate itself. Some VHFs cause mild disease, but some, like Ebola or Marburg, cause severe disease and death.

When taken with...

Hanta virus are parasitic to rodents all over the world, but most of the Hanta virus are not causing disease to human being.

After infection, two kinds of acute syndromes may occur to human. One of them is Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, HPS, and the other is hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, HFRS.

Infection is caused by contacting urine, excrement or saliva of virus borne mouse. The major transmission manner is human inhaled particles in the air generated from the excrement or secretion of Hanta virus-borne mice. Normally, people would not have contact with Hanta virus directly from mice, as Hanta virus is existed in the saliva, urine and other excrement of mice. The most common path is inhaling the particle bearing Hanta virus and acquired Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome.

Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome is a contagion transmitted through air. Virus is transmitted through inhaling of contaminated, dried particles floating in the air (especially in sweeping or over turning carpet. When people inhales these particles, it is likely for them to be infected.

Other possible ways of Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome infection include: (1) Bitten by Hanta Virus carrying mouse, (2) ingest food or drink having been in contact with person carrying Hanta Virus, (3) nose, eye or mouth in contact with particle carrying Hanta Virus (such as slicking hand).

Moth, flea or other insect that may bite people have not been found of able to transmit Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome from mouse to human. In fact, no other animal has been found of relating with the transmission of Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome from mouse to human. However, it is still possible to be infected through dog or cat having in contact with mouse.


Hemorrhagic with Renal Syndrome will cause hemorrhage and serious kidney failure, but Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome will not.

but from Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome... The main cause of death is excessive protein containing fluid in lungs.  More >

 Carbon Strike3 comments
12 Aug 2007 @ 17:54, by swanny. Environment, Ecology
August 12, 2007


well I just heard about this young medical doctor from down east here in Canada
who has been on a carbon strike for about two years. He said he thought it would be difficult but when he actually did it it was rather easy. What drove him too it was watching the disapperance on a show about the Arctic Ice Fields. He said he couldn't bear to be party to that much destruction and change.

He pretty much bikes everywhere and takes his bike on the bus and subway as much as 50 km distant.

He says the hardest part is the social aspect losing girl friends and getting the gears from his mom. He won't get in a car apparently and won't take a plane. He even went as far to go to Croatia by boat and he lost a girl friend over that one too. Girls turning down Green Doctors well good luck with that.

Well I can vouch for his experiences having gone with out a car from 2000 to 2005, I suppose I finally broke down and got one when I hit fifty living on my own and running out of steam. but I can't see why young strong folks need a car to pollute their air and such and get in to accidents and sqeual their tires and rev there motors and crusie up and down the main street. They shouldn't really let anyone under 45 drive. It is hard socially though especially when you have few friends and are disabled. So you have to tough that out.

He also is on a local organically grown diet which is hard in canada with its 4 month of warm weather but I must applaud this young doctor and encourage him to keep it up at least till hes 40 or so. if he can.

The show was on CBC tv here in Alberta this morning

sir ed  More >

 Garden adventure: The Morning Visitor1 comment
picture 19 Jul 2007 @ 06:11, by skookum. Environment, Ecology
totally true!


pic from this site  More >

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