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 Monsanto hid decades of pollution0 comments
picture5 Jan 2002 @ 13:19, by ming. Environment, Ecology
Well researched and horrifying article from Washington Post, about Monsanto Corporation's attempts at hiding (very) incriminating evidence about its widespread pollution in the past. E.g. in producing the toxic (and now banned) industrial coolant, PCB, it put thousands of times the legal limit into local streams, found by their own experiments that fish submerged in a local creek died in 10 seconds, spurting blood and shedding skin, and still they decided it wasn't worth the expense to do anything about it, and they kept it quiet. This is information is based on internal Monsanto memos. Good news is that many past manufacturers of PCBs are being forced to clean up their messes.  More >

 Bioneers Conference4 comments
picture24 Oct 2001 @ 04:38, by ming. Environment, Ecology
This past weekend I was at the Bioneers conference in San Rafael. Quite a remarkable event. Around 3000 attendees and many great speakers. A stimulating mix of inspiration, activism and ecological solutions. People I particularly enjoyed: Lynn Margulis (co-creator of the Gaia hypothesis) talking about the wild lives of bacteria; Hunter and Amory Lovins (co-authors of "Natural Capitalism") on rethinking business; Janine Benyus (author of "Biomimicry") on how to get our next technological breakthroughs from the superior technologies of nature; Caroline Casey (mythological astrologer and radio host) on Visionary Activism; John and Nancy Todd on creating ecological industrial parks and eco-enterprises. And many more.  More >

20 Oct 2001 @ 20:07, by sindy. Environment, Ecology
1. Early evolution must have depended on development of a cell carrying sufficient instructions in its DNA to grow;
2. The random variation and selection proposed by Darwin and Wallace that led to changes in species must have resulted from random changes in the DNA;
3. Faithful reproduction of DNA from generation to generation causes “like to beget like;” 4. The programmed instructions in the genetic endowment in DNA underlie the development of every new plant or animal  More >

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