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picture23 Sep 2005 @ 20:54, by Uncle Remus

Art Piece: Kaze no kokoro, by Mary Jo Maraldo. Kaze is the Japanese word for wind while kokoro signifies heart or mind. One translation for this title might be "the spirit of the wind."

The part of the mind which dream will often speak to us, commanding us to act in ways that we do not understand.

"For a while I entertained the illusion that I was the wind itself, that I didn't feel the cold, rather I was the cold, and none could see where I went, but they would feel me pass by a prickling of the hairs on their necks. I was naked but invisible, helpless but omnipotent, and I was lost in the world I all but owned...

A single bush, like a sentry, waves to say with a laugh that it, at least, sees me, and I wave back though my arm doesn't move; a pebble between my toes is a burden which I reject, so it rolls away in search of its own reason for being; my time is filled with empty space, and my space with empty time, and my legs can't move so I must float through the armies of the world, clashing forever on the battlefield of my mind where all is in motion and nothing moves and the Cycle looms overhead, and at its top is the Dragon, glaring, plotting, scheming, protecting its young by devouring the souls who are cast loose to roam the night and come to me for protection that I cannot give, for I am in no place but everywhere, and there is no end to the night that is me."

Steven Brust: Dragon

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2 Jan 2016 @ 09:15 by Jeux Gratuit @ : telecherger jeux
On peut définir le jeu comme une activité de loisirs d'ordre physique ou bien psychique, soumise à des règles conventionnelles, à laquelle on s'adonne pour se divertir, tirer du plaisir et de l'amusement.  

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