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24 Aug 2005 @ 17:21, by Aida Sorenson

Has anyone heard of NESARA< the National Economic Security and Reformation Act? You can access more info at It would definitely help a lot in leading us to a new civilization. I'm ASKING FOR EVERYONES' help and support for this extremely important venture, at whatever level you can. Thank you. Aida

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24 Aug 2005 @ 17:35 by scotty : How strange !
I was discussing NESARA with a friend only yesterday !!
Hope you find this {} helpful!
(and another {}

(just a wee word to the wise - some scam artists are using NESRA to make money - so be very careful who you give any money to !)

um ... actually - maybe this {} is worth a peek at too !!

: )  

24 Aug 2005 @ 17:46 by jstarrs : Interesting...
..after a little research (30 secs) I come up with this:
and this:
Conspiracy motorways?

25 Aug 2005 @ 03:00 by vaxen : sure...
i get the 'dives' newsletter but as far as i am concerned the whole thing is a damned hoax. big time baloney. if you've gotten into it thus far you may as well check out the 'darker' side. salvation will not be found in any 'plan.' go deep within your own true soul and forsake world 'systems.'

conspiracy motorways indeed! heh heh heh getting rid of the federal reserve. claiming ones 'sovereignty, yes there is a way, understanding the bullshit that is taught in the schools as just that---bullshit, and finding out what really happened to this country and who runs the world then wholescale hot revolution may help...nesara? a load of you know what!  

25 Oct 2010 @ 13:44 by Aida Sorenson (Ailysa) @ : Info
My # is 520-551-5755  

26 Oct 2010 @ 14:33 by Aida Sorenson (Ailysa) @ : So, this is it?!
Nothing exists at all. You can still be, do, and have whatever it is that you want. The meaning of the above-spoken words is all that there is.  

26 Oct 2010 @ 17:52 by bushman : Hmm
Well, looks like it started out as a good idea, but then like most everything, some greedy malcontents usurped it just to profit from weak minded people who think life and happiness should be handed to them on a silver platter. If anyone would like to send me free money, just send it to my PO Box, I promis not to spend it on drugs and toys, lol.  

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