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25 Nov 2009 @ 15:02, by John Oates

The following letter is being sent to known deep thinkers: "May I draw your attention to a book ‘Slaves Of The Machine’(newly titled edition of he Wrong Reality) whose ground-breaking depth of new reasoning will surely interest you.

The book maintains that we live in a complex, active but wrong reality. Authorities who deal with world and local affairs are those with special qualifications in various fields of influence that relate to false practices and principles of existing reality.

Earth is a planet that supports many instinct-driven species of life. Dominant is the human species which has developed chiefly by the misapplication of its high intelligence to those competitive drives of instinct – to the Machine – frequently with disastrous consequences.

The Machine has built, imposed and sustained our existing concept of reality but, I repeat, it is the wrong reality, not informed by our true intelligence, yet its principles and practices have become the foundation of our thought and action. Therefore we, as we presently stand, are unfit to comprehend our real problems and needs or to perceive, meet and solve them truly.

We humans require to acknowledge that in effect we have two minds; the conscious, subservient to the Machine, and the postconscious whose function is truth and which should represent an intelligent species such as we. All postconscious minds are free and independent and all have the potential to discover and realise truth, but this potential is largely ignored by the conscious.

Surely our current way of thinking should be abandoned, because though it may argue brilliantly in terms of the Machine and its politics and finances, it is irrelevant because not guided by moral awareness of humantruth.

This book records the full findings of one free and independent postconscious mind. It acknowledges that the human race faces all kinds of disaster. It cherishes the hope that the survivers learn from their tragic experiences, establishing a new and simpler humantrue way of life worldwide; intelligent, appropriate and sustainable.

Having drawn your attention to this book. I hope you will be kind enough to let me have your reaction to it




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