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1 Jul 2007 @ 11:35, by John Oates


True communication

Normal human communication, between writer and reader, speaker and listener, is unlikely to break new, truly meaningful ground because it has to refer to common ground, ie to the existing version of reality, otherwise there can be little or no communication. This is the case even when one participant has made a breakthrough but the other has not. If there is to be meaningful communication between them, both participants must have made significant true breakthrough.

This demonstrates that the voluminous writing, talking and film making influences the continuance of this wrong reality’s thought and action on the part its institutions in the conduct of world affairs and their shaping of public opinion.

But new ground is being broken within the free and independent minds of growing numbers of individuals whose developing truths seem to be somehow inter-communicated through the ether, perhaps unconsciously using such as holography or morphogenetic fields. Experience suggests that this is the case, and that it is an accelerating process.




6 Nov 2007 @ 15:18 by Jean @ : truth
Yes, I believe we are unconsciously drawing toward truth at an accelerated pace. There is little space left at the conscious level to go. ( I have found the best place to go on the conscious level is far into the country, however; even there you can sometimes hear the sound of unconscious individuals arriving.) Although, as we are saying, as this shift swiftly advances we will see even those partaking in the destruction suspended and seeing again.  

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