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14 Jan 2007 @ 13:33, by John Oates

All individuals have the same true basic moral values, but practically all submit also to powers thought to be greater than themselves, whether these powers are major generals or high priests. In consequence individuals may be commanded or persuaded to commit acts contrary to those moral truths. Those powerful leaders also have moral values and laws but may also be persuaded to put these aside in the name of what they conceive to be greater considerations such as the interests of their own nation or religion.




14 Jan 2007 @ 12:16 by jobrown : That's the BIG
That's the BIG difference between Old Paradigm and the New Paradigm: The Old P. sees "things" outside of 'Myself" as more powerful and important ,than my own life. In other words: me sacrificing my own life to/for them; the "causes",to the point where NOTHING ELSE counts! 'I' do whatever it takes to benefit and advance the (Outer) Cause. No crime is too big when it comes to further the Interest if this Outer CAUSE of mine, so to speak. "The End justifies the means" is an old saying that verifies this thinking. This; living one's life for a 'Cause' that doesn't have any true connection with 'me'/my Inner truth/ethics unfailingly leads 'me' to become corrupt, crook, parasite, and I have to pay with my life for that!... HOW CAN THIS BE WORTH IT?????

The New Paradigm says that my own INNER Truth; my ETHICS, are my nr One -and indeed- my ONLY 'Cause' to live my life in accordance and harmony with that inner Truth; my Ethics, from where on the Cosmic Blueprint for me/my life runs forth, moment by moment, step by step -and this is the secret WELLSPRING to ever fresh life energy and creativity and Joy and a life full of new discoveries and adventure. It is -automatically- a constant Celebration of and to Life Itself!It takes me to living life in the Here & Now and from there on eventually to a life everlasting with no price to pay with MY life, which amounts to inevitable death!.. ONLY WITH THIS CORRUPTION going on is death inevitable; Death is the price for stolen goods and a life NOT LIVED! Because if we live on/from outer 'Causes' then we don't live OUR life, do we?
To live 'my' life for ME; all I need to do is follow my inner truth; my ethics, in order to access it all, is -or should be- the most incredible and wonderful thing on Earth! WHAT MORE CAN ONE ASK???

"LIVE & LET LIVE" is Life Motto/. How hard can this be?????
It is incomprehensible to me that Humankind as a whole, cannot see this!

Thanks John, for all your wonderful,inspirational and thought provoking essays!
Bb Astrid


19 Jan 2007 @ 03:31 by bapty : Morality first
Yes, blueboy, a good and encouraging concept, the New Paradigm replacing the old. The danger comes of one persons ethics differing from another - disagreement that can lead to conflict. To me, ethics means not a set of beliefs but truth, and it is vital to realise that there is but one body of truth. When there is no disagreement that truth (humantruth) will be common to us all.

Such is practical truth, serving a cause that is both personal and communal. Flowering beside that is the individual creative abstract expression of self that is the person's free contribution to the community, not a matter of self aggrandizement and secondary to humantruth.

Many thanks, Astrid, for your kind comments that are reciprocated.


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