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25 Oct 2006 @ 15:18, by John Oates

An extraordinary experience

The following comment was posted by Samantha on 6 Sep 2006 on my post Wrong Reality dated 22 Aug 2006

”I had the most extraordinary experience of my life on 22-8-06. I woke up with the words 'individual responsibility' booming in my head. I started typing at my computer and wrote about how IR was a 'lost reality' for man and how (with all our material self created 'needs') we are living in the 'wrong reality'. When I Googled IR, I found John Bapty Oates' chapter 41 which matched immaculately with what was in my head at the time.”

In a further comment on Samantha’s comment I suggested that this experience was a matter of our thinking coinciding but later on said “This is not to deny that other forces might be at work.” Anyone interested in the possibility of such forces but, like me, not well acquainted with them, might like to read the following.

This is taken from a CoIntelligence report on Rupert Sheldrake’s deductions relating to morphogenetic fields:
“When crystals of a newly synthesized chemical substance, for example a new kind of drug, arise for the first time they have no exact precedent; but as the same compound is crystalized again and again, the crystals should tend to form more readily all over the world, just because they have already formed somewhere else” (this finding is mentioned elsewhere in my website).

Also taken from the CoIntelligence report:
“Sheldrake has hypothesized a field of morphic (‘pattern-related’) resonance in which patterns of knowledge, structure or behavior of a certain kind of thing (whether a salt crystal or a human mind) become increasingly embedded as a "habit," an ingrained pattern of information which influences and is accessible to other members of that category of thing. In commenting on the rat experiments, Sheldrake said: "If rats are taught a new trick in Manchester, then rats of the same breed all over the world should show a tendency to learn the same trick more rapidly, even in the absence of any known type of physical connection or communication. The greater the number of rats that learn it, the easier it should become for their successors."

This throws some light on the problem that concerns us all – question - how do we promote and establish a new civilisation when the weight of established institutions is against it? – answer – when our universally agreed moral truth weighs so much heavier as to be overwhelming.




25 Oct 2006 @ 16:17 by skillz : Very good point
but im not sure about the rats n crystals. When an overwhelming portion of society stops ignoring the truth, then there will have to be change.  

25 Oct 2006 @ 16:49 by swan : It sounds like the hundredth monkey
theory. Many people believe that when we reach critical mass in our thinking things will shift. When more people begin to live from a place of love than a place of fear, love will become the guiding principle. A new civilization would be created because the civilization we live in now is not founded on the principle of Love. And if one believes that we are all connected it would follow that our thoughts would coincide at some point.  

1 Nov 2006 @ 16:18 by rayon : Yes, can go with this
in another form, (ie not just crystals) so why not this too. Everything has intelligence of its own kind, as we are not crystals we can't speak crystalize so they remain in their own world. ["In my house are many mansions" from the Good Book.}?  

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