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22 Aug 2006 @ 09:21, by John Oates






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6 Sep 2006 @ 22:43 by samantha @ : 22nd august 2006
I had the most extraordinary experience of my life on 22-8-06. I woke up with the words 'individual responsibility' booming in my head. I started typing at my computer and wrote about how IR was a 'lost reality' for man and how (with all our material self created 'needs') we are living in the 'wrong reality'.

When I googled IR, I found John Bapty Oates' chapter 41 which matched immaculately with what was in my head at the time. I am epileptic and often have very intense cerebral feelings/insights. I believe strongly in a shared consciousness even though I don't know much about it yet. That is why I would like to know what prompted your text here on 22-8-06...

Look forward to finding out!

7 Sep 2006 @ 14:02 by rayon : reply
best way to make sense of unusual happenings is to study up on other known disciplines incorporating such experiences. Other disciplines have departure and arrival points, or orientation, one's knows where it's headed, and also this can contextualise rather than personalise which goes towards exaggeration. If one in Ayurveda has too much movement energetic in the system, depending on what the personal balance is of the 3 energetics giving life to all organic matter, will depend on the personal experiences one has like this. Best to be grounded and mindfully connected to the Earth energetic to perhaps balance out before making hard and fast assessments on fleeting or passing assessments on whatever one fancies at the time. Sorry to be mundane.  

16 Oct 2006 @ 10:17 by bapty : Extraordinary event
Hello Samantha

Your comments are most interesting and encouraging because they show supraconsciousness at work. Those comments could be answered briefly by conscious minds but that would be inappropriate. This my answer comes from my postconscious. I am often criticised for being long winded and conscious minds are inclined to give up on me after a sentence or two, but only perseverance with supraconsciousness can guide us truly.

That which prompted my text here is a wish to stimulate thought by giving out the conclusions to which my own thinking has brought me. These are encapsulated on my website, in the book The Wrong Reality, and in The Silent Oracle which is a series of articles from many angles that carry that thinking further along the vital path of correlating everything essential with everything else essential.

I believe truth to be universal in principle. I call humantruth the closest we humans can come to comprehending it fully. The Machine-shackled human conscious mind is largely blind to humantruth, but the free and independent human postconscious mind is capable of discovering it and then surely has the responsibility for realising it.

You express strong belief in shared consciousness. If you agree that truth is the function of the postconscious, perhaps you would change to belief in shared supraconsciousness. After all, we already share consciousness in pursuit of the Machine’s instinctive drives

If the individual perseveres to the utmost with being supraconscious, ie communing with her or his morally true postconscious and submitting to its reasoning, humantruth will result. If all individuals did this, humantruth would come to be held in common

So the determination to make our world good can only develop in and arise from the individual postconscious mind with the conscious mind its executive. You and I and all members of NCN can do no more than stimulate that thinking by means of books, articles, websites.

But your remarkable experience indicates that thinking might be passed on by other means. In this case, however, I would suggest that your waking up with the words ‘individual responsibility’ pounding in your head was a strong prompt on the part of your postconscious, resulting from its prior deep thinking now brought to this head, like the last vital piece in a complex jigsaw and passed, now complete, to your slumbering conscious, telling it to mark and inwardly digest.. When you Googled IR you were led to precisely the same thinking, put there, as it happens, by me. My chapter 41 matched immaculately what was in your head because ultimate thinking arrives at truth and there is ultimately but one body of moral truth.

I have had many similar experiences, sometimes waking to consciousness with whole pages of utterly convincing text in my head and writing it straight out seemingly ‘out of the blue’. This had been independently worked out by my own postconscious, a process subject to many years of conscious doubt, question and criticism until it emerged with utter conviction.

What we are deeply concerned with is conclusive or absolute truth that cannot be denied. We may reach truths that are incomplete, because not correlated utterly, but they may still be regarded as true because the best in us aspires to them and because they have answered all challenges put to them so far.

This is not to deny that other forces might be at work. Certain energy fields exist that could be utilised for communications, just as we utilise radio and the internet. Holographs may be playing a part, see . It may be that sensitive minds like your own are especially able to receive such messages. But holographs are only the conveyors of thoughts that originate in human minds, mostly political/commercial thinking put out by conscious minds working for the Machine, but some, in growing numbers, are sent out by postconscious minds devoted to the universal spread of humantruth. A similar process works internally when the postconscious tries to press true moral principles upon our individual consciousness by way of conscience..  

25 Oct 2006 @ 16:11 by skillz : hhmm
Intelect IS human instint. The dangerous thing is this so called "educated" inteligence.  

29 Oct 2006 @ 10:56 by bapty : Intellect
The meaning of the word intellect is 'knowing and reasoning faculties of the mind'. Instinct is survival strategy for creatures with no or little faculty of reasoning  

30 Oct 2006 @ 11:36 by skillz : But..
is'nt a human instintively drawn to infomation, leaning and smartening ones self? Or if it wernt for schools we'ed all be eating dirt and sniffing cruches?  

31 Oct 2006 @ 08:43 by bapty : Intellect/instinct
It is the possession of high intelligence that draws us to reason truly. Eg,true reason would oblige us to cooperate whereas instinct leads us into competing.  

1 Nov 2006 @ 14:41 by skillz : But II
Is'nt all of mans intent to win, whether its instinct or so called high inteligence the outcome is still the same.

I dont see that instinct is without inteligence. Instict is'nt just about mindless animal male agression as so many people think of it, i think it is human instinct that drives us to gain freindship, love and a higher state of mind. You cannot separte the two. You may like to think that in this clean modern non animal nature free world we live in that all animal instincts have been suppressed and this system has done its best to suppress what is natural, but instinct is what drives most of your daily funtions.

Try listening to your on mind and not a book.  

7 Nov 2006 @ 11:40 by bapty : Intellect/instinct
In animals a slight intelligence serves instinct. In humans, instinct should be subservient to deep intelligence or rather to intellect, the faculty of knowing and reasoning. This is clearly not a clean, nature-free world we live in, for our animal instincts have not been suppressed. Yes, instinct drives most of our daily functions eg the instinct to compete that shall prove to be our downfall because it equates with hate. The true intellectual way is cooperation, which is a foundation of love.  

7 Nov 2006 @ 19:54 by skillz : In conclusion.
are u saying that nature has got it wrong and that we must fight against nature/instint to become a true human?  

12 Nov 2006 @ 11:05 by bapty : intellect/instinct
Nature has got it right for the creatures of nature in that instinct serves their survival interests but it is ultimately not right for creatures with intellectual potential in whom the competitive instinct to win, with a degree of human intelligence applied, leads to inequality, poverty and enmity even amongst those whose intelligence ineffectively attempts to uphold morality within a continuing, largely amoral world civilisation. I believe that most individuals are deeply moral but too many allow themselves to be driven, or led away from their true moral principles.  

12 Nov 2006 @ 15:15 by skillz : What a load of BOLLOX !
What book did you read that from? Or did you read it in the news? Are you a politition?  

13 Nov 2006 @ 09:38 by bapty : intellect/insctict
This is an example of instinct ruling over reason. With much further thinking I believe you will change your mind. It is not a matter of forming opinion but of seeking truth. Best wishes to you.  

13 Nov 2006 @ 12:47 by skillz : the TRUTH
Im sure that that government would like all of its tax payers to stay "moral" in order that the government get rich without any poseing threat, but that does'nt make this the truth of life of how we should live. Life itself is imoral by nature. I will allways use nature as the guide for my life, not the say so of an institution. The truth is that natural feeling just before the rest of the crap kicks in.

We are ALL controled by instinct without exception.  

28 Feb 2008 @ 19:57 by Josh @ : Bapty oates-Id like to speak with you
Ive read Most of your book, the Wrong Reality. Since 10th grade Ive had the epiphany thats enabled me to connect with my post-concious. When I started reading I understood evreything, it was astounding how relatively worded your book was toward my thoughts. I realize there are many levels of supraconciousness in which I would like to achieve. Every once in a while I find new applications and it directly upgrades my mind and life. Hopefully I can contact and speak to you about this being that your the only person Ive found that has complete realization. Email preferred  

18 Jun 2009 @ 04:07 by @ : i dont know
we all speak of us being controlled by things such as instinct and intellect when we all have freedom of thought. We arent controlled by instinct no more we only are when we listen to our instinct which is entirely up to u to listen to. But then again all our actions we do in this world are based off of instinct which is like predetermined thought already thinking for you. So if all our actions are based off instinct how is it that we have freedom of thought when all lifes goals and missions are to fullfill our needs which is instinct like the instinct to eat. If we did not have instinct we would not feel our emotions or anything for that matter as instinct makes as feel those. intellect is also an instinct as it makes us want to learn more to make our goals and needs easier to get , example computer which fulfills the instinct to comunicate with other humans. I think that all the things we feel are part of instinct which is everything in this case and intellect, emotions are catagoreys that make up instinct If we all could get rid of this instinct what would we do after? what would we think about? are our minds capable of this. i dont have the answer but soon enough everything will make sense as we all keep tackling this pondering question what is the purpose of life. one day i hope we will figure this out and this terrible world that has been created off of instinct will change into a new world of peace and reliazation.  

18 Jun 2009 @ 04:15 by padista @ : but then again
it will probley take another 4000 years before we get rid of instinct cause if it took us so and so years to develop a more complex instinct by adding on to it intellect and such its going to be a long wait before we get a whole new topic to name that is advanced instinct but we will probly all die from polution or fat or the sun before we lose instinct. dam eh  

22 Jun 2009 @ 00:04 by MR Mushroomcap PHD @ : Ahem
did u know all your probs can be solved by smoking cannabis its healthy and will cure your depression of needing to know more about stuffs so lets all just take a toke and relax PHD people smoke weed  

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