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picture2 Jan 2006 @ 14:01, by John Oates

The red hot issue is that we should live in a world that accords with our intelligence. So, after our true thinking is done we have a practical job of total rebuilding to do, starting from scratch with no recriminations. Then, and only then will we be entitled to indulge in things associated with spirituality and meditation, if we still feel the need once we are living truly




2 Jan 2006 @ 15:18 by jobrown : Thanks John,
for all you very insightful articles & HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!  

8 Jan 2007 @ 03:58 by bc : Community Accord Forum
Fundamental to the new civilization is a forum where all may be heard and that accord within us be known. The web is an obvious platform for that process and several opportunities to facilitate political discourse and accord are currently availablein high profile situations. Succeeding in this effort could provide an opening towards an enlightened, evolved national dialogue.
The aspects of CAF that make it compelling are 1.Strong security with on-line personal presence, 2.Engaging on-line presence with situation/context information readily avaialable, 3.Issue/thread orientation with constant polling access, 4.Use of push/pull technology (email,site links, "control panel", 5.Local/community based structure tied to larger nets by consilient gateways, 6.Local/community familiarity with on-line population generating a true sense of community.
Such a system would create a new sense of politic both here (US) and around the world. NCN may be a prototyping tool for such a fully democratic methodology. ~BC  

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