HUMANTRUTH: 7. REVELATION, Wrong Reality, AUTOCULTURE chapters 26 to 30.    
 7. REVELATION, Wrong Reality, AUTOCULTURE chapters 26 to 30.0 comments
picture2 Jan 2006 @ 12:15, by John Oates

The roots of true awareness are taking hold and need nourishment to flourish.

The word culture is taken to mean the cultivation of the human mind. The word autoculture applies where the Machine has been fundamentally responsible for that cultivation.

Neither the main autoculture nor the many and various related subcultures practiced by existing human society truly represent our salient feature, which is high intelligence, nor do they generally reflect the living principle that our intelligence requires – peaceful cooperation.

The foundation stone of existing human culture in general is not intelligence but instinct, using conscious mind containing the self as its executive. The conscious self chiefly serves the Machine’s pursuit of the competitive instinctive drives. Otherwise it might give some attention to conscience when it questions the amorality and immorality of the Machine.

In order to mollify conscience Machine-man has instituted religions, escaping responsibility for his immorality by inventing devils to blame for it and gods to excuse it. Man has also instituted the Arts, a redeeming quality to set against the unlovely principles and practices of Machine-reality.

A prominent practice that engages Machine-man’s intelligence is science, a practice that often uncomfortably equates factual truth with moral truth, and he prefers factual truth because that can be proven. It is, of course, the scientist’s practice of requiring proof that prevents him accepting the existence of the postconscious, and the value of it’s ‘intuition’, when that acceptance is very much needed as a corrective of scientific thinking.

Today’s culture is dominated by science. It opens the door to a wide open universe where we may hunt, without let or hindrance, for information – factual knowledge. Facts carry their own proven weight. Gathering them purely out of curiosity may be seen as a waste of time but harmless. In existing reality, new factual knowledge often results from research, costing money that requires to be recovered. This is commonly done by technological application with a product that is sold for profit. All too often the profit motive predominates. As a result, we have very largely become an autoprogressive society driven by science and technology.

An autoprogressive society, following the Machine, creates as many problems as it cures. Health services become more efficient but diseases proliferate. Actual poverty may be diminished while relative poverty stays the same, or increases.

Much of sport and entertainment has become Machine business.

Meaningful human inter-communication looked like being well served by the internet and world-wide-web, with many services free of cost and high moral standards and open to all, but recent internet growth has been explosive and, like telephone and television, too much of it serves, and is provided by, commercial interests.

Whether or not our communications system facilitates true human interests depends upon what is being communicated. Considering the present state of our world it might be expected that our chief concern is to discover and discuss what is fundamentally wrong with our thinking and our reality and how they may be put right, but this is very far from being the case.

Our desire for a new culture is stifled by our strong attachment to the old.

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