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2 Nov 2005 @ 12:14, by John Oates

Our experience of reality is a battle between the Machine and our humanity

Newslog 4 – REVELATION, The Wrong Reality, AUTOMATIC DRIVES

I have already posted a newslog under the title The Wrong Reality but add a short comment here because recognition of the fact that we do live in a wrong reality is the foremost revelation.

That our reality is wrong is an idea that people in general find hard to accept. If we were animals, directed solely by instinct like all other animals, the idea would not arise because our reality would then be a predictable result of instinct/mutation/natural selection/evolution. However, humanity’s present reality could not have been predicted because we received yet misused the unique faculty of intellect. Not only are we still chiefly directed by instinct but we have built our reality largely by applying the power of intellect to the competitive instinctive drives

Had we allowed that unique faculty solely to guide us we would now live in the right reality – intelligently constructed, benign and cooperative – but our world, far from being intelligent, is badly constructed, amoral, and full of uncertainty and conflict. It is without doubt the wrong reality.

As already said, life is but an expression of energy, but its significance is its purpose.
Unending intellation, the correlation of everything essential with everything else, has brought me to the conclusion that the only possible purpose of life is to achieve intellect and, consequently, to discover and realise truth.

The human race has acquired the supreme faculty of intellect (by courtesy of a dramatic brain mutation) but has consistently failed to fulfil its true potential. We have not grasped the fact that Earth is our responsibility, to manage as we conceive to be right and good.

We tend to view history as a set of Machine circumstances dictating a sequence of events that were imposed upon us and compelled us to think and act as we did, and largely still do. There have been attempts to humanise those circumstances but piecemeal and ineffectively because Machine means were used.

Intelligent humanity’s world is impelled by the competitive instinctive drives that are vital to creatures of nature who know no better. Humans are capable of knowing better, not only that competition does humanity no good but also that it does us much harm.

Money began as our servant but, allied to competition, soon became our master. Most of our financial practices and many of our commercial products are unnecessary and wasteful; a humantrue society would not miss them if they ceased to be. Nobody wants to be ground down by poverty, but happiness can go hand-in-hand with simplicity while happiness dependent on worldly goods can never be satisfied.

Free enterprise and trade is an activity devoted to making money-profit. Anything that can be sold for a profit will be manufactured. Selling price must exceed cost. Cost includes wages upon which there is constant downward pressure, keeping pay as low as anyone can be induced to work for.

Continual activity pushed forward by Machine interests for Machine purposes I call autoprogression. Some of this activity happens to bestow partial benefit, but it is not intelligently designed to provide for Earth-humanity to a level that is acceptable to all, also harmless both to Earth and, as far as possible, to our fellow creatures.

Also read The Wrong Reality Revelation - Automatic Drives. Chapters 15 to 19.




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