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1 Nov 2005 @ 11:03, by John Oates

The Prophet Google

Separate Newslog for NCN, not part of but referring to the Humantruth newslog

The prophet Google

There’s been a huge increase in internet traffic in the past few months. For example, a Google search-term ‘the essential truth’, that brought up a list of 8,830,000 entries in March this year, now lists 25,700,000. Humantruth comes top of the list BTW.

It’s virtually impossible to read all the entries in this gigantic list, but I think it’s a fair bet to judge that almost all of them derive from conscious mind thinking, whereas truth is to be found in the postconscious mind. I like to believe it is for this reason that Google (that walks in mysterious ways) keeps Humantruth top of the list.

To demonstrate this, look first at the postconscious. It is the source of conscience, whose moral values and principles are recognised, though not always observed, by every single individual. Then look at the conscious, that can be so manipulated that it accepts or rejects conscience; gently makes peace or violently makes war; that it has faith in Buddha, or God, or nothing; that it pays lip service to equality but practices inequality, all without a blush.

See John Oates newslog, that is an introduction to



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