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20 Aug 2005 @ 08:49, by John Oates

The human mind is not free. It is the subject of false conditioning, and cries out to be liberated.

Newslog 4 Liberation of the Human Mind

‘I think’ is a common expression used to describe reasoning on the part of a conscious self/mind. This thinking is limited reasoning because it is geared to Machine-reality, also because the conscious is the lesser part of the whole human mind. Yet it is this lesser part whose thinking represents us at present.

The greater part of our mind is the free and independent postconscious whose function is humantruth. The postconscious is able to deduce truth because it is fully aware of everything that is going on, but it is unable to bring that truth to bear because it is normally disallowed direct influential contact with the conscious mind/self. Individuals can liberate themselves by voluntarily opening to the guidance of their postconscious, otherwise only the ‘still, small voice of conscience’ gets through.

The postconscious mind is devoted to its whole function, truth. Its reasoning is pure, quite unlike the thinking of the conscious and worthy of a different name. I call postconscious reasoning intellation, the correlation of everything essential with everything else, a process that is self-subjected to doubt, also questioning and criticism, until no possible doubts remain. Intellation is the natural way for free, unrestricted minds to work.

Supraconsciousness is the word I use to describe the ideal relationship, free from any external restrictions, between the postconscious mind, representative and true guide of the human or any other supremely intelligent race, and the conscious self/mind, its executive.

We humans are currently taking tentative steps towards an ideal world society. If we succeed in setting it up it shall surely be because we reached universal agreement, and that could only have been because we embraced supraconsciousness.

The word humantruth has been coined to distinguish that truth which is knowable and highly relevant to our daily lives, from the rest of the entire truth that I believe to be understandable to the human mind but which might never reach our understanding, and which, thought it may be of great interest, eg space exploration, is not relevant.

If you achieve the state of total awareness that recognises humantruth but the world remains indifferent, you will suffer frustration, but only as long as you are in a minority. When the majority are with you it will be another matter. Unless you lead the way by opening your mind, however, there never can be a humantrue majority.

True awareness is always beckoning, carrying the hope of beneficial worldwide change. Even the most automated and conditioned of humans are touched by this hope as they uncomfortably witness the suffering of fellow humans on the other side of Earth and wish someone would do something to relieve it.

Also read The Wrong Reality Liberation of the Human Mind, Chapters 10 to 14




2 Nov 2005 @ 17:02 by rayon : Truth is Sharing
experience. A compassionate rendition, to accommodate different peoples.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 08:57 by bapty : Truth
Understood, but isn't our endeavour's objective a new civilisation?  

5 Nov 2005 @ 09:45 by bapty : Further truth
My attempt to define truth, for what it's worth:

Truth is not just that which is confirmed by fact. It is related to good - good and true, we say. And good, to be true for humanity, must be common good. An arrow that is straight, we call true. Also a structure that is level and plumb. We talk of true love. A perfectly tuned bell is true. Truth is the harmonious and inescapable conclusion arrived at by optimum reason. Truth is a state of being devoted to the simple results of pure postconscious reason, and it is the source of right, honest and good morality on which that state of being is founded.  

29 Dec 2005 @ 11:05 by bapty : How the postconscious truly works
The make-up of the postconscious mind is like music, where every true note has a part to play in the whole composition that is truth, which composes itself.  

17 Jan 2009 @ 20:35 by Paul F. MItchell @ : Liberation, evolution and freedom from a
January 17, 2009
You haven’t met me before. After looking at your website I am asking you to take a look at a book and some accompanying material I have spent years working on (if you have time). I realize there will express opinions and viewpoints you will disagree with…I will also express ones that you will agree with. This is something I want to donate to the people. In addition to detailing a rather horrifying ordeal of my own, I provide a rather complementary way of looking at and understanding the psychological operational dynamics of abuse; what can even be referred to as an unconscious – and sometimes not so unconscious sacrifice… Like any form of hypocrisy political correctness is one of the more prevalent types in vogue in today's society. In the book, mentioned below, I delve heavily into the interactional dynamics of masculine and feminine relationships - within people and between people. In this book I look at the way an imbalance of these dynamics lead to abuses (and addictions) - of various types, the most obscene ones usually being types of ritual abuse that might or might not involve physical sexual.....
I am sending out an invitation to download and look at a book I have been working on for over 17 years. Its title is “Children of The Stars: An Uncommon Wisdom, An Uncommon Sense, Healing from Ritual Abuse”. It can be found at and the 2 other sites listed below. It’s an unorthodox book about dynamics of abuse and ways to heal from them. It will appeal to a lot of people who do not agree with the mainstream way of explaining abuse, oppression, alienation, and liberation. In fact, it offers a very realistic and scientific, a commonsense way of explaining what many people would consider unbelievable. The explanations that are detailed in this book – a book which isn’t, unfortunately 100% edited and grammatically correct yet (the original version I wrote as I was emerging from trauma has not been completely edited properly) – are far more believable than some of the childish, fundamentally superstitious explanations that many of the world’s established institutions try to indoctrinate, control and otherwise disempower people with: religion, politics and a lot of what passes for modern medicine.
I have also written a related article entitled: “The Development of Self-Esteem and a desire for Continuous Educational Growth in Young Learners of English” an essay which speaks about healthy, holistic and nurturing ways to teach children.
This book, my article and other related volumes by different authors may be obtained from the sites listed below, in pdf format. Please take a look at them. If you feel they might contribute to and further the cause of freedom then use them. If you like or agree with what I have researched and spoken up about......use it and pass it on.
Peace, Paul F. Mitchell  

18 Oct 2009 @ 18:44 by Hubert @ : Use of Free will
I think once you realize the potential of human free will, then everything will turn your way...most of the time people don't understand that even denying the power of free will is one of the good example of the use of free will to deny that you have such potential..  

3 Nov 2010 @ 14:15 by CheckPoint Press @ : Humantruth books for sale
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13 Dec 2014 @ 08:14 by polo @ : sfsd  

5 Mar 2015 @ 10:03 by ukfoodexports @ : A good informative post that you have sh
A good informative post that you have shared and appreciate your work for sharing the information.  

9 Mar 2015 @ 10:58 by hwisetravel @ : A good point Ralph, but I believe people
A good point Ralph, but I believe people are going to have a hard time defending prejudice when the possibility of answering certain kinds of questions with much greater precision increases  

30 Mar 2015 @ 10:18 by amwayhealtheclub @ : Perfect transaction from a 5 star seller
Perfect transaction from a 5 star seller all the way, love the shoe, thanks!  

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