The Instant School of Enlightenment: Midnight    
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picture21 Jul 2005 @ 03:33, by Faith Paulele

©Faith O'Neill 12/4/1999

and the dreamer comes
once upon
along time ago
far far
in a not too distant instant

scatter your sands upon my closing eyes
let me shipwreck on your shores
dream me a hero of my universe
a joan to face the new day

please touch me warm breath
as i lay sleeping
deeply dreaming
of soft comfort forever shores
barefoot between us

rest the sleep of the innocent
the trusting, the true
rest the dream to come
under the large golden glowing moon

the lulling of the warm laps
of the water on the shore
the fragrance of the flowers
the lone whale
calling, calling
the answer
tossed on a word wave
to float in it's bottle

to me to sleep
to embrace
your word kiss will awake

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