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picture21 Jul 2005 @ 03:28, by Faith Paulele

Angel's Speak April 7, 1999
submitted by Faith O'Neill
^i^'s speak...

Here it is, our dearest soul, what you asked for.
Why are you so scared? Why do you try to run.
This is what you asked for. Begged us for. Prayed for!

"Too much", you say. "Too big!" You cry.
This is exactly what you asked for--> THIS big,
THIS much.

"This feels so scary!" You weep. "It doesn't feel safe
and comfortable like what I am used to!" You

This is exactly what you asked us for. Something
NEW, not the old habitual choices, but something
new and big. And new and big can feel uncomfortable.

Not the old habitual choice! But YOUR challenge to
yourself, to step outside the old patterns and allow yourself
to receive something that doesn't feel like the old love.

Remember you asked for the new. Now you feel scared.
Remember in the past --those times you felt scared and
rejected the new simply ---'because' of this fear.

Remember how those rejected dreams have become
now your favorite fantasies? You tell yourself over and over,
if only, if only, if only....

Well "if only", is HERE again. It appears to have snuck-up
on you. Towering above you with all the power and strength
that YOU have created in it.

Your immediate response is to begin to thrash like a fish
caught on the line. Your mind fills up with scenarios of
how this COULD end bad.

STOP! Stop that NOW!

BE the new you!

1. You have choices!

2. At any moment YOU can decide, "OK-- THAT <- part
I choose to say no to!" (You can revise your creation
AT ANY MOMENT if you decide you didn't get it ALL
exactly right!)

3. You now see --how traveling into "What might happen!"
removes you from the REALITY of this moment.

4. You now understand --exactly what is being offered in
this moment and you make a conscious decision
if ---THIS MOMENT is your desire.

5. You now STOP speeding ahead of the moment 'trying'
to see/figure/think how it will all come out.


7. You NOW allow yourself this moment, free of ANY
critical voice which says (For WHATEVER reason)
that you must fear THIS, your greatest creation.

8. You now FULL-FILL yourself in THIS MOMENT!

... and when the next moment comes and you begin
all the old habitual MIND GAMES with yourself... AGAIN!

(This is your mind... in love with you!)

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