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 in honor of mars retrograde...4 comments
picture25 Oct 2005 @ 06:05
Someone from my past contacted me
with words i still can't believe...

"I love you!"
"I have always loved you!"

... in my flopping around,
like a tuna on the deck...
i found my own council from an old
"Angels Speak!"
(my angels talking to me)

and i wanted to share.

mars retrograde can bring it back
it's what we 'do with it' that matters...  More >

 ^i^'s speak1 comment
picture21 Jul 2005 @ 03:28
Angel's Speak April 7, 1999
submitted by Faith O'Neill
^i^'s speak...

Here it is, our dearest soul, what you asked for.
Why are you so scared? Why do you try to run.
This is what you asked for. Begged us for. Prayed for!  More >