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 50 years of love!14 comments
picture 23 Dec 2005 @ 14:15
Last Saturday I celebrated with my family the golden wedding of my uncle and aunt. After living together for 50 years, they still keep the emotion in their eyes when they see each other. Isn't it beautiful?  Read More

 ¿Por qué la cebolla nos hace llorar? (Article translated into Spanish)10 comments
picture 23 Dec 2005 @ 10:48
¿Quién no ha llorado nunca cortando una cebolla? (bueno, aparte de aquellos que nunca han cortado una jejeje). Esta es una breve explicación en términos sencillos.  Read More

 A candle in the night17 comments
picture 15 Dec 2005 @ 10:29

A candle in the night

And he smiled.
A rainbow of feelings
exploded in my heart.
I want more, I want more...
there would never be enough!

And I dreamed.
I wanted to fly and touch
any of the stars glowing at night,
and take it and give it to him
and shine all together in a magic love.

Smile with me!
Dream with me!
Let's fly to the sky and light a star!
Close your eyes and find me,
I'm the one with a candle in the night.

Silvia Martínez, December 2005  Read More

 A fiesta for our elders7 comments
picture 3 Dec 2005 @ 23:02
Today we've celebrated a day for our elders. Families reunited together to honour those who are in this world since so many years. While our beloved elders are still with us, we're on time to show them our love, and this fiesta was a beautiful present of love for them.

My grandmother Carmen, who is 93, enjoyed the fiesta very much. She's one of the most wonderful people I know. When she embraces me I feel myself at home, completely safe in a sacred place where nothing bad can happen. I don't know how long she's going to stay with us, but what I do know is that I want to enjoy this time with her as much as I can.  Read More

 Why do onions make you cry?40 comments
picture 20 Nov 2005 @ 11:29
Who has never cried while cutting an onion? (well, apart from those who have never cut one hehehe). This is a little explanation in easy terms.  Read More

 She knows10 comments
picture 24 Oct 2005 @ 20:45
This is my first poem written directly in English instead of in Spanish. I've been trying for a while to write poetry in English to see how it feels. Any journey starts with one step, and this is my little one :-)  Read More

 Vegetables, chemistry and colour18 comments
picture 16 Oct 2005 @ 17:02
An object is coloured because of the light that it reflects. White light from the sun contains all the wavelengths, but when it impacts on an object some of its wavelenghts are absorbed and some reflected. When we see an object of a certain colour, it's because it's reflecting more of that particular wavelength. For example red objects reflect 'red' light, which is light with a long wavelength.

Many vegetables and fruits are strongly coloured because they contain an especial kind of chemical compounds named carotenoids. These compounds have an area called choromophore, which absorbs and gives off particular wavelengths of light, generating the colour that we then perceive.  Read More

 Vegetales, química y color (article translated into Spanish)15 comments
picture 16 Oct 2005 @ 17:01
Un objeto es de un color determinado debido a la luz que refleja. La luz blanca del sol contiene todas las longitudes de onda, pero cuando impacta en un objecto alguna de sus longitudes de onda son absorbidas y otras reflejadas. Cuando un objeto es coloreado se debe a que refleja mayormente una longitud de onda en particular. Por ejemplo, los objetos rojos reflejan luz 'roja', que es luz con una longitud de onda larga.

Muchos vegetales y frutas presentan un fuerte color debido a que contienen una clase de compuestos químicos llamados carotenoides. Estos compuestos tienen una zona llamada choromoforo, que absorbe y emite determinadas longitudes de onda, generando el color que percibimos.  Read More

 Annular solar eclipse on October 3rd18 comments
picture 30 Sep 2005 @ 10:00
Next Monday we will be watching how the Sun and the Moon turn off the light down here, look at each other direcly into the eyes and dance together for a few minutes. Isn't it lovely? :-) Everytime there is an astronomic event I realize how small we are in this huge Universe.
[Picture of Earth taken from the NASA website.]  Read More

 Welcoming autumn with a fiesta16 comments
picture 22 Sep 2005 @ 06:03

These days I've been enjoying the 10-days-fiesta that takes place every September in Oviedo, my city (located in Asturias, northern Spain). This holiday finishes the same day as summer does, so it's a sort of a welcome to the autumn, with its warm breeze and golden veil of leaves. I love autumn! They are our local holidays and although we are a little city, hundreds of people come from everywhere to enjoy these days with us. The city was really crowded, full of people talking and eating in the streets and parks, laughing and enjoying the time...  Read More

 Landing, a workgroup to help newcomers11 comments
picture 18 Sep 2005 @ 12:45
When you first join NCN you are like a traveler landing on a new place, carrying your own expectations & doubts, and seeing lot of things around that you may not understand well... Imagine that there is somebody at the airport waiting for you to welcome you and show you the place. Don't you think that it would be much easier for you if such a friendly person were there? You would feel better and more confident to make your first steps in that new land. With these thoughts in mind, I've started the Landing group. We can set up a warm atmosphere for those who join, to encourage them to do their first steps here.  Read More

 Her birthday (su cumpleaños)15 comments
picture 3 Sep 2005 @ 12:36
This morning I've wakened up with one year more. Is this event so important in my life to celebrate it? My answer it YES! You never know if you're going to have another birthday. Last August 9th could have been my last day in this life, no more birthdays for me. But I'm still here in this world and I would love to celebrate each of those days. But as 365 days of party would be too much, at least I'm going to celebrate this special day with my family and friends.

What else can I wish this day apart from what I have right now: life, a home and people who I love and who love me?. Well, yes, I have another wish, I wish the same that I have for every being in this world. I'm not as happy as I was in my previous birthdays, because tears are coming to me everytime I watch the news about the tragedy left by Katrina. There, many people won't have a birthday anymore, and many more don't have a home, food, water, medicines... they feel lost and hopeless. And I feel helpless. My wish for this year is that they will be able to recover their lives as soon as possible, and that those children will have a much better future than their current present.

Thinking about the hopeless feeling I remembered this poem, that I wrote two years ago for one of my best friends in her birthday, she was suffering a pretty strong depression and was feeling hopeless. Her daughter and her parents were very sad for her, as I was too. Fortunately she's much better now. As always, I'm including also the Spanish original version.  Read More

 About life10 comments
picture 21 Aug 2005 @ 10:30
I found sometime ago in internet these 'advices' for life, saved the document and since then I like reading it carefully pretty often. We already know those advices but it's good to remember them from time to time. I hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as I do.  Read More

 Sobre la vida15 comments
picture 21 Aug 2005 @ 10:30
Hace tiempo encontré en internet estos "consejos" sobre la vida, guardé el documento y desde entonces me gusta leerlo detenidamente a menudo. Todos conocemos ya esos consejos, pero es bueno recordarlos de vez en cuando. Espero que os guste leerlos tanto como a mí.  Read More

 The sound and tibetan bowls10 comments
picture 17 Aug 2005 @ 07:58
Tibetan bowls are very useful in meditation, chakra balancing, clearing negative energy and also for healing. As some Tibetan masters have said, these bowls of Tibet emit the "Sound of the Void", the sound of the universe manifesting.  Read More

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A park in Asturias

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