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 How to improve your motivation for life?12 comments
picture 22 Oct 2006 @ 09:54, by Silvia M.S

Are you motivated for life? What can make you feel more motivated? Is there any secret? Any magic recipe?

In my opinion, the magic recipe has these ingredients:

# More appreciation of our current life: When we appreciate what we have, then it's easier to feel happy; and when we feel happy it's easier to stay motivated to walk more steps in the journey. To feel happy, we shouldn't wait for big things to happen, as life gives us everyday little presents to enjoy. Let's appreciate the little things as much as the big ones, like children do!. In this way, we will savour each step of the path.

Besides, we tend to focus on what we don't have or on what we want to change. Wanting to improve our life is great, but if we base our motivation in this improvement, the most probable thing that is going to happen is to end up with a feeling of frustration. We want to get everything now, in a hurry, and as we cannot get it now, we then become sad and demotivated, thinking that we will never get it. A bit of patience and more appreciation of our current life, should be a good foundation for more motivation and better success in life.

# Listen to ourselves: Sometimes we focus on things that in reality are not interesting for us, but maybe we are expected to achieve them. Our society expects from us a lot, our family, friends... These expectations can generate pressure in ourselves and lead us in a direction that it's not the one we really want to take.
We should listen to ourselves more often, for instance doing meditation, and learn what we really want and what our expectations from life are. Once we know WHAT we really want and WHY we want it, motivation should be always our partner in the journey.

# More confidence: Our own confidence is also something to work on, because if we don't believe that we can achieve certain things, then all motivation is lost and we don't even try the first step to reach them. We can achieve lots of things but the first step is to believe in ourselves, to feel that we CAN really achieve all those things and that we DESERVE to get them. We are usually our main limitation.

In summary, I think that to improve the motivation for life we have to get to know ourselves better, appreciate what we have and understand deeply what we want to achieve and why. :-)

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22 Oct 2006 @ 12:36 by Prem @ : The answer is, probably, yes & right!
Dear Silvia

It is really a pleasure to go through your wornderful posting of the article, and following are my feelings:

Do you feel low self esteem and lack of motivation, and you want to improve them? Do you feel really bad, thinking that everybody stangs in higher ground than you? Or perhaps do you have some inferiority complex because of your low self esteem and confidence? Do you want to achieve the happiness improving your motivation for life and self esteem?

The answer is probably, yes & right?

Why suffering of low self esteem and motivation, when you can increase quickly and easily your inner energy and to love what you are and waht you represent? The improvement of your self esteem will produce you to feel better and safety; you will have confidence in your own powers, skills and abilities; your social behaviour will be highly enhanced; now, you will see the others as equals to you, not as superiors to you. The enhancement of your motivation will improve yhour life, but also, at the same time, your self esteem; perhaps now you don’t have motivation to go to work each labour day; you don’t like your boring and tedious job; that is affecting your self esteem because you think you have high quality abilities and skills being not used; progressively you feel better, you think the others doesn’t see your real value and inner powers; now, the solution is double; you can improve your self esteem to feel better with your own; with a high level of self esteem, your motivation for the work will be enhanced because you will want to show the others the good you are in your job. Also, enhancing your motivation for your job, produces as side effect the improvement of your self esteem. As you see, both skills are interrelated, and usually the lack of motivation in a person will show an occult low self esteem.

Take care and best wishes,



Prem, thanks for your kind words and for sharing your impressions. I agree about the importance of self esteem. We not only have to appreciate what we have in life, but also to love and appreciate ourselves, the person who we are.  

22 Oct 2006 @ 13:58 by swan : Appreciation and gratitude
create a magnetic that bring more of what you are appreciating into your life. For example if you are grateful for good health you will have more good health. If we are grateful for a day of fun in the sun we will have more fun sunny days. The more we recieve the things that bring us joy the more motivated we are.


That's right Swan, thanks for commenting. Our motivation depends on the way we live our life. Appreciation and gratitude towards the little presents that life gives us everyday, is a key to have more positive things attracted towards us.  

9 Nov 2006 @ 18:13 by jobrown : This wonderful connection
between Appreciation (; us doing it) and Blessing ( Life/'God' ) doing it TO the Things we appreciate! Cool. Very cool -and so important! Thanks Swan! Thanks Silvia. Btw; that little gal, right behind the Cake, looking at it, is me! ; )

Those children were having so much fun with the cooking class! I stayed there for several minutes taking photos and the smile on my face remembering them lasted for hours :-)  

10 Nov 2006 @ 17:14 by jerryvest : Thanks, Silvia....
I love the kid baker's picture...what a great project. I do a lot of these kind of activities with my grandkids and they are always motivated to do more creative and experimental ventures.

Hi Jerry! Yes, kids are always happy to do something new and learn. It's beautiful to see them enjoying life :-)  

26 Nov 2006 @ 17:04 by skillz : A way out
Being content with what ive got is something i try and practice on a daily basis being as i have so little (materialy and financialy) but i dont think any of us can or should be satisfied with the way things are, thats just an invitation for more exploitation.

Believing in yourself and having convidence is what its all about. No one else will believe in you if you dont.

Some good points here but learning to appeciate what you've got and forgeting what you havent got is just a coping mechanism for our deprived lives (and i dont just mean money) and does'nt lead to change or progress. It is a growing state of dissatisfaction that leads to revolution.

I am very dissatisfied with this desiesed ignorant anti nature money driven world we live in.

Oops, I thought I had replied your post, but it seems I didn't! Sorry for the delay.
Yes, it's a pity that our world is driven mainly by money and power. Many people don't take in account that money and material posesssions remain here when we leave this world, so it's useless to accumulate them.

By the way, I didn't say that we should be satisfied with everything that we have in our life, but just with the positive things that we have. Of course it's great to walk towards the improvement of our life, but sometimes we focus too much on the negative side and forget that not everything is black. When we are going through difficult times, it helps very much to realise that there are also positive things that are shining for us and that can help us to go ahead.  

21 Feb 2007 @ 10:32 by tricia : Silvia...
As always, your capacity for sharing amazes me. When we look at the simple moments we never miss a "clue", do we? The beauty of what we have! Love ~ T.

Yes! the beauty of what we have! The key is in the small beautiful things, they are always present in our life and, most of the times, not appreciated enough.  

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