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picture 30 Dec 2005 @ 14:43, by Silvia M.S

We have set up a new group named 'NCN World Poet Tree', with the intention of gathering together poetry from all over the world. Here you can see our public Newslog: NCN Poet Tree

If you like to share any of your creations, we invite you to send it to us, and even to join us. We also would like to encourage you to do 'jamming', by letting your creativity to fly spontaneously.

We accept poems in other languages different from English, but we appreciate also if you send them along with an English translation. If the poem is in Spanish, I offer myself to translate it for you if you cannot manage. :-)

May the creativity be a beautiful bond of union in the world!


Hemos creado en NCN un nuevo grupo llamado "NCN World Poet Tree", con la intención de reunir poemas escritos por personas de todo el mundo. Este es nuestro newslog público: NCN Poet Tree.

Si quieres que alguno de tus poemas forme parte, te invitamos a enviárnoslo, e incluso a unirte a nosotros. También queremos animarte a hacer 'jamming', dejando volar tu creatividad de forma espontánea.

Aceptamos poemas escritos en idiomas diferentes del inglés, pero te agradeceríamos que nos enviaras también una traducción en inglés. Si el poema está en español y no te apañas para traducirlo, yo misma me ofrezco a hacerlo por tí. :-)

¡Que la poesía sea un nexo de unión entre todos los pueblos!

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9 Jan 2006 @ 07:53 by Shimanta Bhattacharyya @ : Great News
This is great news for all those dovoted to cause of art and creativity.

Hello, Shimanta! I'd appreciate if you send us one of your beautiful poems, or you could even join us here in the group if you like! For that, you'd need to become a member of NCN, something very easy to do: {link:}  

9 Jan 2006 @ 15:47 by Ananya.S.Guha @ : Thanks
Thanks for the invitation. Who says poetry is dying?

Hi Ananya! I'd also love to post one of your poems in our Poets newslog, and you are also welcomed if you like to join our group. In case you like to do it, please follow this link to become a member of NCN: {link:}  

26 Jan 2006 @ 19:57 by N Marion Hage @ : Poem
Gray Mountain

Beyond my window, I see you Gray Mountain, stone-hearted guardian gazing upon this city. Your face is beautifully weathered, lined with deep ridges and a forest of whiskers.
Do not gaze condescendingly upon this valley and its inhabitants.
I hear your long whisper carried by the gentle breeze, “I am proud but weary of the beating winds and rain that blow from the north giants. If you would but climb my peaks, I would speak to you, and dispense wisdom long-forgotten. Fear me not. Do not the children of goats safely leap on my chin, and the children of eagles nest in my nostrils without rebuke? I have caused them no harm.”

I have heard your song, Gray Friend, and will arise onto the border of your shoulder, and whisper in your ear the delight I feel to view sunsets through your parted hairs. Your snow white temples do not diminish your beauty at all. Age has been your friend, and softened your edges.

How beautiful, Nate! Thanks for taking the time to write it here :-). I'll love to see your poems in our poets group!  

29 Jan 2006 @ 02:14 by david raphael israel @ : thanks for info
Hi Silvia--
came to your blog via noting you at Ryze / Caferati. Will give a look at NCN; -- well, took a quick glance, will look a bit more. One suggestion: do you think the website could be improved in design and visual appeal? At present it's so crowded, cluttered and disorderly in its visual feel, which I'm afraid may play against some of its objectives. Merely a thought from the fringes. (It's often challenging for a very diverse group to collaborate, no doubt.)

Hello David, thanks for visiting my newslog :-). You can join NCN and comment your suggestions about the website to Ming: {link:|Link}  

9 Feb 2006 @ 22:28 by Monica @ : Hola Silvia
I've just joined NCN.
Nice place you've created here. :)

Bienvenida a NCN, Monica! I'm glad you've joined :-). I still cannot see you in the new members list, but when I can see you I'll send you an invitation to join our poets group! We created the group following the suggestion of some NCN members, at the moment we are 10 people in the group, probably 11 very soon :-)  

26 Oct 2007 @ 18:35 by michael montalvo @ : chidren
Child of night
So alone in the shadows, where they might illumination the stars?
So many Creatures! And so many sounds, I'm afraid, so do they bite? I’ve always been cold, always so bold, as I shiver and grow.
Trying my boundary! As I wonder why?
Why am I in prison oh my! Busy and shy! Sexy and wises,
for rather I never been?
A child alone in the darkness busy o my
Not allowed to play in the light of life.
It seems! I am not wanted
you call me an oversight:
It seems you had to make a selection to what happen to me o my.
It wasn't mine to make that speech;
did you think it made you noble and wise.
Then you chose to give me birth?
Now you tie me here in darkness, fighting all I do in the world. Sitting alone in the world wondering what is right and what is wrong.
So now my soul is trapped here
inside this body that I lacking here.
You should not have, had me or let me go.
To be a person or not to will go, that I know or let me be: so I lived to travel free!
p.s.God bless!  

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