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 NCN World Poet Tree / Poetas del mundo (message in English & Spanish)7 comments
picture 30 Dec 2005 @ 14:43
We have set up a new group named 'NCN World Poet Tree', with the intention of gathering together poetry from all over the world. Here you can see our public Newslog: NCN Poet Tree

If you like to share any of your creations, we invite you to send it to us, and even to join us. We also would like to encourage you to do 'jamming', by letting your creativity to fly spontaneously.

We accept poems in other languages different from English, but we appreciate also if you send them along with an English translation. If the poem is in Spanish, I offer myself to translate it for you if you cannot manage. :-)

May the creativity be a beautiful bond of union in the world!


Hemos creado en NCN un nuevo grupo llamado "NCN World Poet Tree", con la intención de reunir poemas escritos por personas de todo el mundo. Este es nuestro newslog público: NCN Poet Tree.

Si quieres que alguno de tus poemas forme parte, te invitamos a enviárnoslo, e incluso a unirte a nosotros. También queremos animarte a hacer 'jamming', dejando volar tu creatividad de forma espontánea.

Aceptamos poemas escritos en idiomas diferentes del inglés, pero te agradeceríamos que nos enviaras también una traducción en inglés. Si el poema está en español y no te apañas para traducirlo, yo misma me ofrezco a hacerlo por tí. :-)

¡Que la poesía sea un nexo de unión entre todos los pueblos!  Read More

 Annular solar eclipse on October 3rd18 comments
picture 30 Sep 2005 @ 10:00
Next Monday we will be watching how the Sun and the Moon turn off the light down here, look at each other direcly into the eyes and dance together for a few minutes. Isn't it lovely? :-) Everytime there is an astronomic event I realize how small we are in this huge Universe.
[Picture of Earth taken from the NASA website.]  Read More

 Landing, a workgroup to help newcomers11 comments
picture 18 Sep 2005 @ 12:45
When you first join NCN you are like a traveler landing on a new place, carrying your own expectations & doubts, and seeing lot of things around that you may not understand well... Imagine that there is somebody at the airport waiting for you to welcome you and show you the place. Don't you think that it would be much easier for you if such a friendly person were there? You would feel better and more confident to make your first steps in that new land. With these thoughts in mind, I've started the Landing group. We can set up a warm atmosphere for those who join, to encourage them to do their first steps here.  Read More