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 How to improve your motivation for life?12 comments
picture 22 Oct 2006 @ 09:54
Are you motivated for life? What can make you feel more motivated? Is there any secret? Any magic recipe?  Read More

 The magic night: Noche de San Juan24 comments
picture 24 Jun 2006 @ 17:40
The night of 23 to 24 of June we celebrate in Spain la noche de San Juan (St John's night). It's the shortest and most special night of the year.  Read More

 Squidoo lenses10 comments
picture 25 May 2006 @ 10:14
Some weeks ago I came across the lenses of Squidoo. I think it's a pretty interesting concept and I've set up two lenses there.  Read More

 The sound and tibetan bowls10 comments
picture 17 Aug 2005 @ 07:58
Tibetan bowls are very useful in meditation, chakra balancing, clearing negative energy and also for healing. As some Tibetan masters have said, these bowls of Tibet emit the "Sound of the Void", the sound of the universe manifesting.  Read More