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 Visiting Castilla-León (Spain): Going back in time7 comments
picture 30 Sep 2006 @ 22:27
I would like to talk you today about my trip to Castilla-León, a region located in the north centre of Spain and divided in nine provinces. I've visited three of them in this trip: Avila, Segovia and Salamanca.

Castilla-León has plenty of cities where you can walk surrounded by old walls that in the past were a great defense against invasions. You can also see old churches, Moorish castles, inmense valleys... Let's open a little window in your screen to have a look at this beautiful land :-)  Read More

 Renewing energy in Alicante (Spain)17 comments
picture 12 Aug 2006 @ 16:35
I've spent a beautiful week in Alicante, located on the Spanish East coast. The tourists that visit this area usually go to the most touristy spot: Benidorm, full of beaches and pubs. But Alicante has many other interesting places, less crowded and worthy to be visited: Altea, Calpe, Guadalest, Jalón... I invite you to travel there with me through this article and have a look by yourself :-).  Read More

 A day at the beach10 comments
picture 14 May 2006 @ 16:09
The sunny weather today has driven me to go to the beach for the first time in the year, to enjoy this beautiful spring day close to the sea. I went to Perlora, a village on the Asturias coast, with green meadows and several small beaches.

Here are some photos to bring you the essence of this area in Northern Spain, and a bit of fresh breeze for those of you who live far from the sea :-)  Read More

 A New Year reflection13 comments
picture 31 Dec 2005 @ 14:57
Today is the last day of 2005. To me, like to many others, it's a wonderful time to reflect about how this year has been, and what I do expect for the next one. We're usually too busy living our routine (working, taking care of our families, enjoying our hobbies...) that we don't have time to stop and center ourselves. Today it's a great day for centering! What flavour has this year left in us? Positive, hard, normal, unforgettable? What have we received and what have we given? What do we expect for 2006? And regarding what we're expecting... is this thing or event necessary for us to live with more joy, or is it only an artificial veil to cover what we really need?  Read More

 50 years of love!14 comments
picture 23 Dec 2005 @ 14:15
Last Saturday I celebrated with my family the golden wedding of my uncle and aunt. After living together for 50 years, they still keep the emotion in their eyes when they see each other. Isn't it beautiful?  Read More

 A fiesta for our elders7 comments
picture 3 Dec 2005 @ 23:02
Today we've celebrated a day for our elders. Families reunited together to honour those who are in this world since so many years. While our beloved elders are still with us, we're on time to show them our love, and this fiesta was a beautiful present of love for them.

My grandmother Carmen, who is 93, enjoyed the fiesta very much. She's one of the most wonderful people I know. When she embraces me I feel myself at home, completely safe in a sacred place where nothing bad can happen. I don't know how long she's going to stay with us, but what I do know is that I want to enjoy this time with her as much as I can.  Read More

 Welcoming autumn with a fiesta16 comments
picture 22 Sep 2005 @ 06:03

These days I've been enjoying the 10-days-fiesta that takes place every September in Oviedo, my city (located in Asturias, northern Spain). This holiday finishes the same day as summer does, so it's a sort of a welcome to the autumn, with its warm breeze and golden veil of leaves. I love autumn! They are our local holidays and although we are a little city, hundreds of people come from everywhere to enjoy these days with us. The city was really crowded, full of people talking and eating in the streets and parks, laughing and enjoying the time...  Read More

 In Portuguese lands12 comments
picture 13 Aug 2005 @ 13:56
Last week I started my vacation travelling to Portugal, a country where I've never been before. I took my mother with me, as she hadn't travelled anywhere since she came to visit me in California in 2003. What a wonderful trip! In their character, Portugueses are pretty similar to Spaniards: open, sociable, they like to be in a group, to eat outside in the street, to embrace and kiss the people when they are introduced... I felt myself like at home! But of course Portugal has its own identity, as I comment later in this article. At the end I include a link to the pics I took during this trip.  Read More

 Alive after a crash in the motorway17 comments
11 Aug 2005 @ 14:32
I'm miraculously alive after a pretty bad car accident in the motorway while coming back to Spain from Portugal after some days of vacations. It was bad luck to have the accident, but a very good luck to be alive and almost unharmed. I feel like if I were reborn and have a new opportunity to enjoy this life.  Read More

 A retreat in the mountains19 comments
picture 12 Jul 2005 @ 15:10
How often do we have time to just stop and think about our life? We are deeply immersed in our daily routine, such as job, family, responsabilities, expectations... Are we really in the driver's seat of our life? It's easy to lose our identity and to forget about ourselves, our own path, our desires and fears. Free time to reflect on ourselves is a treasure that we don't have the opportunity to enjoy very often. My opportunity came without expecting it.  Read More