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2006-10-22: How to improve your motivation for life?
2006-09-30: Visiting Castilla-León (Spain): Going back in time
2006-08-22: The wind of love
2006-08-12: Renewing energy in Alicante (Spain)
2006-06-24: The magic night: Noche de San Juan
2006-05-29: I see you
2006-05-25: Squidoo lenses
2006-05-14: A day at the beach
2006-04-08: A forum in NCN??
2006-03-09: Flowing (Fluyendo)
2006-02-04: Lactose intolerance
2006-01-18: Illusion's path (Sendero de ilusiones)
2006-01-04: Seeding a smile
2005-12-31: A New Year reflection
2005-12-30: NCN World Poet Tree / Poetas del mundo (message in English & Spanish)
2005-12-23: 50 years of love!
2005-12-23: ¿Por qué la cebolla nos hace llorar? (Article translated into Spanish)
2005-12-15: A candle in the night
2005-12-03: A fiesta for our elders
2005-11-20: Why do onions make you cry?
2005-10-24: She knows
2005-10-16: Vegetables, chemistry and colour
2005-10-16: Vegetales, química y color (article translated into Spanish)
2005-09-30: Annular solar eclipse on October 3rd
2005-09-22: Welcoming autumn with a fiesta
2005-09-18: Landing, a workgroup to help newcomers
2005-09-03: Her birthday (su cumpleaños)
2005-08-21: About life
2005-08-21: Sobre la vida
2005-08-17: The sound and tibetan bowls
2005-08-17: El sonido y los cuencos tibetanos (article in Spanish)
2005-08-17: Dime, niña... (article translated into Spanish)
2005-08-16: Mañana (article translated into Spanish)
2005-08-15: ¿Cómo limpia el jabón? (article translated into Spanish)
2005-08-15: Un retiro en las montañas (article translated into Spanish)
2005-08-13: In Portuguese lands
2005-08-11: Alive after a crash in the motorway
2005-07-26: Tell me, baby... (Dime, niña...)
2005-07-17: How does soap clean?
2005-07-12: A retreat in the mountains
2005-07-09: Tomorrow (Mañana)

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