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 Being 67!!5 comments
picture4 May 2005 @ 17:52, by Dorothy Keys

Having arrived at this age I find myself becoming more and more reflective. Perhaps at last, after a hectic life, I can learn serenity!!

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4 May 2005 @ 17:55 by jstarrs : Thank you for passing down...
...the wisdom of your age, m'lady!  

5 May 2005 @ 15:12 by jazzolog : From Hectic To Reflectic
What could be better?  

5 May 2005 @ 15:52 by jerryvest : Reflection
Yes, I ahare your reflextions and age. I remind myself, however, to stay in the present as much as possible and we can now enjoy the fruits of our actions.

I wish you the best possible evolution, health and wellbeing.


5 May 2005 @ 16:58 by gea : I´m 58 myself!
Yessss, keep up the spirit! :-)  

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