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 The Eternal Flame6 comments
picture13 May 2005 @ 14:06
Must it be ever so?
The drift from youth to age?
The final snuffing of a candle only dimly glowing?

Not as long as there is hope in our hearts and breath in our bodies!!Oh let not the flame die out!!!  More >

 Wow, communications at last!!0 comments
picture6 May 2005 @ 15:14
Thanks to those who commented. Sorry it took me so long to realise but I am new to this log business!! I am keen on the beauty of small things and happenings at the moment. When I was in Durham City the other day I stopped on a bridge to look at the river. It seemed to be full of diamonds sparkling really beautifully. isn.t it amazing what Nature can do for us to lift our spirits. The memory of those diamonds can be recalled anytime I want- even on a dull day - and they are totally free!! Greetings to all.
D. K  More >

 Being 67!!5 comments
picture4 May 2005 @ 17:52
Having arrived at this age I find myself becoming more and more reflective. Perhaps at last, after a hectic life, I can learn serenity!!  More >