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picture25 Jan 2010 @ 18:26, by Roan Carratu

I've been in the NCN for a very long time, for almost two decades, I think. I was part of the group who put together the NCF Mission Statement back when we thought the NCN was going to be funded with the largest donation ever to be considered by a private family, to help create a new civilization. But that has never happened, although it's still not completely impossible.

Now, what we all worked for is happening around the world. 300,000 people, although the real number is likely much higher, have come together to create a new civilization through the vision of Jacque and Roxanne of the Venus Project, an 83 year old man and his younger partner who has worked for a new civ for nearly his entire life.

A Movement has started, which we had all dreamed of for decades. It's called the Zeitgeist Movement, and it's even more comprehensive than the NCN vision. I don't know what is happening here on the NCN site, but I know most of us in the NCN have been waiting for this for a long time and we don't care much where it starts. The vision is the same, I think, and I now suggest everyone in all the various groups trying to make a saner world join up by joining up with the Zeitgeist Movement.

Here's the link to the global site:


There are chapters forming in most countries and in almost every state in the USA. It's goals are to spread the ideas, not protest or any of that stuff. We don't care about religion, do not do politics, and plan on a re-work of the entire civilization without violence or intimidation. Z-day in March will be a big info celebration around the world. It's an idea whose time has come.

If there is any hope that any sane world can come about, we lose synergy by remaining divided up into small groups working for that same basic changes independently. I hope you check it out and then join this effort.

Worldmind (Roan)

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