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 "Pink Cloud" Syndrome 2 comments
category picture8 Sep 2008 @ 10:54
I have a BIG confession to make. I suffer from "Pink Cloud" Syndrome also known as people who live in Cloud-Cuckoo Land. Because of this syndrome, I tend to see everything with optimism or with Love's vision.

Once a week I attend the Pink Cloud Syndrome Anonymous group meeting where I get to meet with and share experiences with other sufferers. Here's what I shared in last night's meeting.

*************************************  More >

 A Real Bargain - Kerching!0 comments
category picture1 Sep 2008 @ 12:22
During my bus journey, I noticed a sign in front of a 99 pence store that was offering 10% discount for every £100 spent.

Let me just do some mental arithmetic here. Please bear with me as maths isn't my strong point. It actually took me three attempts to pass my Maths GCE O'Level exams. So if someone spends £100 at the 99 p store, you end up with 101 items with a penny change. Kerching!  More >

 Activating Love - Revisited 0 comments
category picture30 Aug 2008 @ 15:27
"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." -- Psalm 119: 18

"For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." --Philippians 2: 13


I know colours are everywhere, yet sometimes it feels like there are no colours at all. I find one way for me to notice colours is to activate them, i.e. I put out an intention that I want to notice colours. Sometimes I play a game of noticing particular colours and I spot them everywhere.  More >

 Only One Here! 0 comments
category picture18 Aug 2008 @ 15:15
It's a funny thing traffic lights. I've observed that when I'm waiting to cross the road, sometimes the lights change very quickly and sometimes they seem to take forever. What's going on there?

Hold that thought!

The other day I came out of the supermarket with two heavy bags of shopping. I intended to cross over the road to catch my bus home. As I was waiting for the lights to change, I noticed my bus turning round the corner. Oh no, hold that bus!

Then I thought to myself: "There's only One here!"  More >

 ET, You are Already Home! 0 comments
category picture14 Aug 2008 @ 12:04
"Who are you and why are you hiding?


What if the Aliens are already here,
And walking amongst us
In great numbers?

And have been
For a very long time.

The Pi philosophy has been kept secret from the multitudes for five thousand years. How is that possible? If that could be kept secret, so could the fact that Aliens are secretly amongst us, in great numbers. Maybe there is such a thing as magic. Maybe there are those who can manipulate matter as an act of will… those with their hearts in Atlantis." From Book of Daleth


I hear people talk about ETs and alien contacts. Some even believe these aliens or ETs communicate with us through the many crop circles that keep popping up around the world. Is it true that there are aliens circling the globe in their cloaked space ships, biding their time until the right moment when they will make first contact with humans?  More >

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I believe there is only One.

The world does not change by me physically doing something, it changes when I am being my true Self, when I am being the One.

As I have written elsewhere:

"There's no need to worry about going out there and doing loving acts or blessing others. All I have to do is go within and love myself and Love takes care of the rest." Charity Begins and Ends at Home

These selected articles are demonstrations of how I am living the principle I believe in. For more articles go to Living as Love-Light.

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