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 The Price of Harmony 2 comments
category picture16 Apr 2009 @ 10:33
Mystics have shared their visions of a world where humans and animals live together in perfect harmony, but methinks there is a huge price to pay for this reality.

As I was walking through a park I noticed this pigeon taking his evening constitutional ahead of me. As the pigeon was taking his time, I tried to overtake it but it was having none of it. Instead, he ran in front of me. It was the funniest thing seeing those little legs go. I thought there was something strange about his behaviour then I remembered the pigeon could have easily taken off as he has wings.  More >

 Dissolving Cell Memories4 comments
category picture3 Mar 2009 @ 15:31
A year ago my mother was given a potted Bologie vegetable plant which she put on the kitchen window sill. While she was on holidays, she asked me to look after the plant. I decided to name the plant Agnes after the British supermodel Agyness (same pronunciation but different spelling).

Agnes and I developed a strong bond. Every day I would tell her how much I love her and ask her to grow big and strong. Agnes really did prosper so much that when my mother returned from her holidays she was shocked to see how radiant Agnes was looking.  More >

 God Helps Those Who Help Themselves - Revisited 1 comment
category picture7 Feb 2009 @ 11:14
As I was walking home the other night, a man approached me and asked me the way to a particular area. I pointed the way. He thanked me and walked briskly away.

Previous to that, during another walk, a young lady stopped me and asked me how to get to a particular street. I told her I didn't know where it was and hoped she found what she was looking for.

In the above two examples, I wasn't concerned about why my friends wanted to get to their destinations, I was simply happy to help them get there.  More >

 Political Correctness0 comments
category picture7 Feb 2009 @ 10:54
For once in my life, I wish to take a stand against the blatant disregard to political correctness I have observed in London recently.

A few days ago, when we had all that snow, I noticed lots of snowmen in various parks.

As this is the Noughties, isn't it about time people built snow people and referred to them as snow persons or people?  More >

 Unity Consciousness - In Practice 0 comments
category picture20 Jan 2009 @ 14:43
It's wonderful to see many people are becoming aware of and embracing the idea of Unity Consciousness (UC), which, I believe, is "living with the awareness that there is only the ONE Self working through the all." (See Unity Consciousness). In other words, UC is working together for the common good of all.

I can see President Obama believes in UC and hopes to work together with the American people to achieve their dreams.  More >

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I believe there is only One.

The world does not change by me physically doing something, it changes when I am being my true Self, when I am being the One.

As I have written elsewhere:

"There's no need to worry about going out there and doing loving acts or blessing others. All I have to do is go within and love myself and Love takes care of the rest." Charity Begins and Ends at Home

These selected articles are demonstrations of how I am living the principle I believe in. For more articles go to Living as Love-Light.

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