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1 Oct 2012 @ 10:04, by Enocia Joseph

I have observed that when a part of my body is aching and I try to fix it giving it treatment or using affirmations, another part of my body flares up and I have to turn my attention to that too. The same is true with my personal affairs. The moment I think I've sorted out something, another thing goes wrong and I try to fix that too. There are even some aspects I haven't been able to resolve.

I have also observed the same mechanism at work in the world at large. One part of the world seems to be in order, another part is in chaos; one part is at peace and the other is at war.

I have come to realise that all problems are effects of the one cause - the part mentality consciousness that we have as humans. When you see things in parts or separated from you, it's only natural that you react to life in that manner and want to fix parts.

I believe the only way to win the game of parts is to stop playing. In other words, stop fixing parts, stop resisting parts, stop fighting parts. Simply remember that all is One.

"All is One" is acknowledging that there is only One Love, One Power and One Wisdom that we all are. There are no parts and no separations in the One; all is total and complete.

Another way is to simply be still and have no thoughts. Then I am being the One, Infinite Self that we all are.

Yesterday, I went for a two hour walk via the canal. The weather was lovely and I was really enjoying myself. I also thought it would be fun to walk round a new shopping centre in the area that I'd never been to. I noticed the part of the shopping centre that had cheaper shops was really crowded with shoppers. As I was walking through my head started pounding. The other part of the shopping centre that had designer shops was practically empty. I sat in one of the sofas to rest for a while and chatted to this man beside me. Then I caught the bus home. As I still had the headache, I was tempted to treat the headache, but I decided to leave it alone. I just reminded myself that all is One and stayed in my peace When I woke up this morning there was no headache.

From now on, I'm not going to fix or treat anything. All I am going to do is remember that All is One and let the One be and express His magnificent and wonderful Self however He sees fit, which might either be through me or through others.

All is One.

One Love, One Power, One Wisdom.



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