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17 Sep 2009 @ 15:09, by Enocia Joseph

So a friend told me when he went to download (or is it upload?) songs to his iPod, a message came up asking him if he wanted to synchronise. At first he said no, then he changed his mind and said yes and it did. When he listened to the songs all he kept hearing was "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. It was then he realised all 200 songs on his iPod had been overwritten by that one song.

"I bet you thought you were going gaga," I said to him.

At least something good came out of it, I got a good laugh at my friend's expense. I'm sorry, I just couldn't keep a poker face.

The poor sod now has to reload all his favourite tracks.


NB: For non-Brits "gaga" is a slang for insane or going crazy.

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1 comment

5 Mar 2010 @ 22:25 by skillz : haha
kin hate dat song, if dat ad apnd 2 me i wood av flipt. But since it didnt apn 2 me its well funny :)  

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