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17 Sep 2009 @ 12:57, by Enocia Joseph

Since I've been sharing my stories on the web, I've received different kinds of responses. Some people find my articles uplifting; some find what I share so practical that they can be applied to their own life experiences; some people find the articles funny; some find them inspiring and full of wisdom. There are those who can't understand why I spend so much time writing about mundane experiences that mean nothing.

There is a method to my madness, you know.

The reason why I'm recording these experiences is to remind myself of my nature as the sky.

For me, the sky represents that which is boundless, free, eternal, limitless, and unchanging; while the clouds represent that which is temporal and constantly changing like one's moods: happy one moment and sad the next.

I have observed that the sky has infinite resources which, when tapped into, can heal, inspire, love, nourish, provide, support, uplift, and so much more. The stories I share on my blogs have been written from the sky's perspective which, I believe, is fun to share.

How do I tap into the sky's infinite resources?

By always identifying myself as the sky and letting the sky work the necessary magic.

To those who don't see the point of these articles, no explanations are necessary.

To those who find my blog articles useful, no explanations are necessary.


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