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20 Jan 2009 @ 14:43, by Enocia Joseph

It's wonderful to see many people are becoming aware of and embracing the idea of Unity Consciousness (UC), which, I believe, is "living with the awareness that there is only the ONE Self working through the all." (See Unity Consciousness). In other words, UC is working together for the common good of all.

I can see President Obama believes in UC and hopes to work together with the American people to achieve their dreams.

While I wholeheartedly embrace UC, I am also aware UC is not something you dabble with because it sounds good or makes you look caring. If this principle is not demonstrated in the minutiae of every day experience, it is meaningless.

I can't speak for how people live out this principle, I can only speak for how I am experiencing UC. When I became aware that the entire Universe - not just humans - is working together in all aspects of life, I started to experience life in a totally different way. For instance, as I am writing this piece, I'm aware that I am not working on this alone. In fact the ALL is working with me as the ideas, the computer and Internet resources, the library staff, the blog provider, the clothes I'm wearing, etc. Put another way, while I am the one writing this article, this article is a collective effort. Everything I do is done by the ALL.

I believe UC is so powerful it will topple all beliefs and realities people hold dear. For instance, when politicians talk about having a vision where everyone has adequate health care for all, from the perspective of UC adequate health care is meaningless. Why? Because when you are constantly being supported energetically, you are hardly likely to get sick. Even if you do, you can easily reverse it in the next moment. What need is there for a doctor or medical insurance when you are always in perfect health or can be healed instantly?

Where would doctors be if everyone was either always in radiant health or able to heal themselves?

Where would lawyers and the police be if everyone was living in peace and harmony?

Where would insurance companies be if people no longer lived in fear?

Where would politicians be if everyone realised they already had the power to self-govern?

Where would teachers be if everyone realised they were already connected to all wisdom?

Those who are not ready for UC or believe their livelihood is at stake will fight to maintain that status quo. This is why I believe the pace at which UC unfolds is not collective nor is it one that can be imposed by any leader(s), but an individual unfoldment, which depends on how quickly each individual is ready to let go and trust in the Universe.

I believe in Unity Consciousness.

We are one.


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