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7 Jan 2009 @ 12:31, by Enocia Joseph

When weather forecasters predict cold weather, which I believe is nothing but mind control, and the masses collectively create it with their beliefs, we're all expected to keel over from the cold or feel the same way. Not me.

I believe all realities already exist, which also include all kinds of weather conditions and ways of experiencing the weather. Every day I have two choices: I can tune into the human collective beliefs about the weather and suffer like everyone; or I can experience the weather of my dreams.

Last night I went to meet my mother from the local tube (underground) station to accompany her home. While we were waiting for our bus, she was complaining about how cold it was and how long the bus was taking. I know that you tend to attract what you think of. Focus on cold and you feel colder. I focused on warmth and felt this warm energy all around me. While my mother was freezing I was having a ball. In my mother's reality, the bus took ages to arrive; in my reality, the bus arrived in no time at all.

I have shared my way of experiencing the world with my mother but she doesn't buy into that model. She thinks I'm crazy to focus on feeling warm when it's obviously freezing. Each to their own.

When I came out this morning, it felt really mild. At the corner shop, a customer was complaining about how cold the weather was. She mentioned a news article she'd read about a man who had jumped into a freezing lake, wearing only a t-shirt, to rescue his dog which had fallen in. The customer said the man was crazy. She said if it were her she would let the dog drown. I reckon the man must have been experiencing his own kind of dream weather otherwise he wouldn't have been walking around with a t-shirt. See Dog owner saves pet from icy lake.

I'm reminded of a friend I see in the library who works in the local area. I've never seen him in a winter coat. He's always dressed in a suit whether it's rain or shine, hot or cold.

As the bus I was in drove via a canal, I noticed the water was frozen. Blimey, has it really been that cold?

While I was waiting for my next bus, I noticed this woman beside me had a lovely scarf. That's what's fun about winter - dressing up. I get to enjoy my winter duffel coat with its hood. I tend to wear my winter coat whether it's freezing or mild. I also get to admire all the lovely hats, scarves and coats people have on. I told the woman how much I loved her scarf. She said it comes with a jumper (sweater) and keeps her very warm. She said the weather has been amazing. I knew what she was getting at. I smiled but said nothing.

Contrary to popular beliefs, I'm having the weather of my dreams, thank you very much.


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7 Jan 2009 @ 14:24 by jmarc : Old Native American Method
for dealing with the cold. Wouldn't work at night though. My 5th grade teacher taught me this and it always stuck with me.

Close your eyes and stare at the sun. It really warms you up.

We have a local lady who wears shorts all year long, even in sub- zero temperatures., who is a regular visitor to the library. I asked her once and she said it's not so bad. She does exhibit signs of being schitzophrenic though.

Maybe her mental condition helps her deal with it. I always wondered about the Sherpa Guides in Nepal that go up Everest. I've seen them often in documentaries walking up the mountain in the snow with no shoes on.

Snowing here today, but I'm fully dressed for it.  

7 Jan 2009 @ 14:43 by vector8 : Hi jmarc :-)
And a happy new year to you!

I like the staring at the sun exercise. I'll give it a shot.

As for the woman who exhibits signs of schizophrenia, I'm really not surprised. When you go against the grain of the majority people think you're nuts. My mother warned me earlier today that if I go round telling people it's mild when it's freezing I'll get stoned. She reckons if I was living in the middle ages I would have been burnt at the stake. :-)

I believe heat and cold are states of mind. I have noticed when I'm not thinking of being hot or cold I feel neither hot or cold. It's difficult to describe the feeling, I just feel good.

Incidentally, I've just read a friend's mediumship blog about last night's sitting and someone was shown how to tune into the power within to keep yourself warm. Here's the link. http://spiritsanctuarycircle.blogspot.com/

Lots of love,

8 Jan 2009 @ 21:27 by skillz : Oh dear oh dear..
u may hav the abilty to ignore the cold but that duznt stop ur body from eventualy going into hyperthermia. Im sure that Scott and hiz krew dreamed they wer on a hot tropical island right up until the point when they froze to death. U r quite mad Miss Ej but if it wernt for people like u the world wood be a far less intresting place, especialy for me on this site.

Oh and for gods sake if u wonna exercise go to the gym DONT stare at the sun! It will be the last thing u ever see.

Skitzafrenik people will feel hot n cold at the same fkin time koz ther fkin nutz. I see a guy get off the bus the ova day wearing a coat, a wolly hat, n shorts with sandles and it woz about -10c. U kood say that this guy had an unique and divine ability to disconnect temperature and pain throo yearz of mental and physical disiplin n that he woz in full control of his bodys shakra points and chi energyz, or u kood say that the guy just myt be a bit of n idiot. U decide.  

19 Jan 2009 @ 12:35 by vector8 : Hahaha
Steve you kill me. Yeah, lunatics like me make life so interesting, innit?

Love you,
EJ :-)  

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