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2 Dec 2008 @ 14:37, by Enocia Joseph

Before I went to bed last night I had a stomach cramp. I figured I'd just go to sleep and it will sort itself out. In the middle of the night I woke up and was doubled up in pain. It was time to resolve the situation. I thought to myself "I'm feeling good; I feel love." The Donna Summer song "I Feel Love" came to mind which I hummed. I felt the tension being released from my stomach and I felt good.

Suddenly, I saw a vision of myself in another time looking distressed. I could see I was travelling on a bus at the time. I noticed this light being standing beside me. The being was reminding my past self of that Donna Summer song. When my past self remembered the song and hummed it, she was healed.

My vision changed and I saw another version of myself in pain and then saw the same Light being suggesting a song to ease the pain. This time, the song was "Dress You Up in Love" by Madonna. The moment that self accepted the lyrics, she was healed.

I could also see that the Light being who was giving out these lyrics is Me as my True Self, which exists both in and out of time. She is constantly pouring out her inexhaustible love in whatever way I am open to receive. Like a mother, she sometime gives me the appropriate lullabies to ease my pain.

The True Self is my healer, father-mother, friend, lover, saviour, source and teacher.

I feel love; I am loved.


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