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3 Jul 2008 @ 11:59, by Enocia Joseph

When I heard a pastor famous for his healing crusades was having a meeting in London, I asked my mother if she was attending. She said she wasn't going to bother as it's too much hassle. Besides there is no need to travel anywhere since God is everywhere. I was very happy to hear that my mother is realising that her healing is in her own hands; it's a matter of whether she's open to receive any time and anywhere.

What is healing anyway? Those who profess to be healers are simply those who are motivated to tune into the Universal Energy/Light and project the light to whoever needs it. The Universal Energy doesn't play favourites. Everyone can tune into Universal Energy. Either people are not motivated to do so or they believe only a few have access, which simply is not true. We all have access to the Source.

The same is true about channelling; by this I mean those who profess to be channelling wisdom from the Source or through various guides. We are all capable of channelling information. It's a matter of having the intention and then receiving what already exists. In fact all information, all realities, already exist as infinite light which can take on infinite forms. All I need to do is tune in and receive.

Even though I know I can tune in and receive whenever I like, I can control how I receive by the games I choose to play.

I can choose to play the game of giving a name to the All There Is then call upon that "entity" or "entities" I have created to give me guidance or healing when I feel the need. I can even imagine angelic beings of light assisting me. I tend to identify the All There Is as the "Inner Voice."

I can choose to play the game of letting someone else channel on my behalf or send me healing. Sometimes I call on a human instrument (or instruments) to receive on my behalf. I even put my name down on blessings lists.

The problem with playing the game of letting someone else channel or receive healing on my behalf is I have to put up with the human instrument's agenda. I have to make an appointment to fit into the receiver's lifestyle choice. I may even have to pay for the receiver's services. The information I receive may even be tainted by the instrument's belief system. In the meantime, while I'm waiting for the instrument to fit me into their busy schedule, I am wasting time when I could very easily tap into Source directly for free.

I can choose to play the game of being able to channel/heal only at particular times. For instance, I tend to download info when I'm out on my walks, while I'm travelling, while I'm in the shower, or late at night. Just because I prefer to receive during those times doesn't mean the All There Is stops sending information. Source, like the Internet, is continuously pouring out its eternal wisdom for all time; it's a matter of logging in to receive.

Let's take an example of me downloading while I'm walking home from the local bus station, which takes about 10 minutes. As I'm approaching the front door, I usually say to the "Inner Voice": can we continue this "conversation" later while I'm having a shower or while I'm in bed. The moment I have that thought, I stop receiving information. In other words, I have switched my receiving tap off. In truth, I never stop receiving information because the information is always present anyway. It's simply that I choose to turn the "tap" off because I'm not in a receptive mood or I want to focus on other matters. The moment I'm in bed the tap is switched on and I'm now ready to receive, I find myself back in the flow of the dialogue I had earlier with the Inner Voice. There have been many times when I've fallen asleep during our dialogue. When I wake up in the middle of the night I find I'm still downloading information. I can then choose whether to continue listening or switch my tap off.

I mentioned earlier that all realities exist now. This applies to all kinds of thought-forms. For instance the other day while I was waiting for a bus it seemed to be taking a while to arrive. Although I don't wear a watch I had a feeling it was taking longer than usual. The moment I had that feeling I heard various thoughts of people complaining about how long the bus was taking and even swearing at the driver. I decided to switch off from that reality by being in silence. Then I was no longer tuning into that reality of impatient passengers. The point I'm making is that the moment I have a thought/intention, I'm instantly connected to all relevant thoughts. To avoid picking up on any old rubbish, as I see it, I focus on what I love or recall memories of experiences I love, which connects me to infinite love; or I remain in silence.

The bottom line is what I refer to as All There Is is nothing but my "right mind," my true self. This means I am really channelling my true self whether I refer to it as Tom, Dick or Harry. It's really up to me whether I choose to receive all that I am in every moment or play the game of either switching the tap on/off or letting someone else channel on my behalf. Whatever game I choose to play, it's really all coming from Me.

I am Infinite Love-Light in all time, all space and all realities.


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