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7 Apr 2008 @ 10:51, by Enocia Joseph

I believe that I'm here to live as my True Self who is forever young and full of life.

I met an old recently whom I haven't seen in over eight years. She said I still looked the same and hadn't aged. I told her I believed we weren't meant to grow old but she looked doubtful. I dropped the topic as I didn't feel it was appropriate at the time.

A few days ago, I had a dream that I was speaking to a man who appeared as an Internet friend who lives in the US though I've never met this individual in person nor do I know what he looks like. I said to him that he looked very young for his age; he's in his early fifties. He was telling me how he managed to stay looking so young. We chatted for a few minutes then I woke up. Although I couldn't remember the details of the dream, one thing that struck me was how real the dream felt.

Two days later I was browsing at my favourite bookshop and I came across a book called The ImmorTalist Manifesto: Stay Young & Save the World. Given my belief, I picked the book up to have a read and found it very interesting. It's wonderful to see the physical immortality paradigm in the mainstream which, I believe, is our birthright. I also like that the author, Elixxir, is a living proof of his conviction, which he shares in his book and on his website.

Thank you, Elixxir, for sharing your vision of what it means to have abundant life.

Thank you for being a kindred spirit.


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11 Apr 2008 @ 18:14 by a-d : Ooopsss...I will
remove this one.... the same as the next , but this one had more typos! :)  

11 Apr 2008 @ 20:11 by a-d : Interesting....
Non of the Modern day Mainstream accepted NA-gurus talk about Life Everlasting -like Jesus did. He never talked about being /becoming an "immortalist" , but He offered the whole Mankind LIFE Everlasting -IF we followed "Him" = the COSMIC LAWS = the Laws of NATURE & the ETHICAL/MORAL Laws of UNIVERSE!!! IF/WHEN we do that sufficiently enough we WILL Live ever-lasting Life!
Energy MANIPULATION in ANY form has NEVER brought Life Everlasting to anyone! and never will!...Sure, longer life span than Today is "Normal" but that is NOT what Jesus was talking about.That is NOT what He indeed proved the world with His own example! Crucifixion > dead for three days before He walked out from the Tomb in his "Light(/er) Body",; the NEXT Next-Octave Body, which He had accessed already a year and a half by that time.(He "received" this Light/er Body when He allowed the ( maybe the final step of )Transfiguration -as it is called in NT.- to take place. "Transformation" is just as good of a word for what happened).
In the World of Effects; "Immortal/ism is the "effectual" thing of living forever!... and THAT is a Consequence to RIGHT living, NOT to New Age Energy manipulation (the HALLMARK of "New Age" ; all a modern to-the-masses-handed-down info-about-the-Age-old --so called-- "Esoterics" ; the INNERMOST RULERS', Private Club where ONLY HAND-SELECTED Lucky Few,IF/when born into the RIGHT FAMILIES had access to ) and Now offered YOU in this New Age Dress by these smart BUSINESS oriented people who are hoping to be IMMORTAL just like that; d"do a little this and a little that and simsalabim!.... you got it made!" for right sum of money -of course!

By sheer Logic your body IS IMMORTAL IF you live everlasting life, eh? and THAT is ONLY a LOGIC CONSEQUENCE to RIGHT KIND OF LIFE, LIVED BY YOU ( meaning ANY and ALL you, of course! )!

To the extent (ANY ) you, can see a difference between 'A GOAL to chase' and CONSEQUENCE to RIGHT WAY of LIVING, will you be able to make the your own Free Will Choice!... Nothing else matters... Besides; to have Life Everlasting as a GOAL will NOT do either!... ONLY living life true to Oneself LOVING LIFE in & of SERVICE ( not made to a BUSINESS!!!... ) is the ONLY way to FLY, I have found out... But don't take my word for it. Do your own study!...

I am very happy, that these Immortalists understand ONE MAJOR truth here though:

" Immortality is our Evolutionary Destiny. [ If only they would say: Life everlasting instead, which would show they understand the whole pic; what it takes to :get there" and not just a the end effects! ]

The Bible foretold of its advent. "Behold, I show you a mystery: We shall not allsleep, but we shall all be changed.... in the twinkling of an eye... this corruption shall put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality... (I Corinthians 15: 51 -55)

– from The Immortalist Manifesto by Elixxir

The Immortalist Interpretation of History

History is the story of our quest for immortality.

The fear of Death and the desire for Immortality are the primary motivations in human life and history.

[ I absolutely agree with this statement! If it wasn't for this soooo deep rooted KNOWINGNESS in ALL Living Things. NOBODY would mind to die!!!.../get killed; it would INDEED be natural and feel so, and be dealt with so! And THAT is hardly the case!.... not even the mosquito you try to swap after it stung you wants/allows him to killed!... : )ALL Living things always do what ever they can to stay alive!.., WHY is that!?!?... if not because deep down we all know the Truth; that Life everlasting is the ONLY NATURAL way of Life; the way LIFE/GOD made the rules! ]

"The goal of human history and civilization is the conquest of Death. The meaning of life is life. The goal of life is more and better life.

Human history is a protracted struggle against Death. It is the history of our individual and collective efforts to escape the clutches of mortality - the history of our unflagging desire for immortality."

[ 1 Corinthians 15:26 "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is Death" . Maybe people on NCN will see & understand the importance and ramifications of this statement today!.... I had it on these pages a hundred times!....

Makes me glad though that the Topics of the "Cause of death" is beginning to show up in our Society!
As you might remember from the "Life & Teaching of the..." ; one of the Masters there stated that death is always CAUSED by Man himself and always accidental, meaning one sort of mis-understanding or another, one sort of collision with Cosmic and /or Natural Laws must occur for death to occur; MAN put the curse of death on ALL of Nature, by choosing to go ever deeper into the lower OCTAVE of Consciousness where Death IS a reality! Not until one reaches through Life Mastery (= mastery of at least 51% --and preferably more than so ) the Natural & Cosmic Laws that govern COSMIC Life and hence one must abide to in order to live Life Ever lasting. can Mankind as a Unified entity start manifesting this Cosmic Truth/reality of Life! ]  

15 Apr 2008 @ 12:41 by vector8 : Thanks, Astrid...
I liked that this book is in the mainstream and that Elixxir looks younger than his years, unlike the many gurus who have inevitably succumbed to old age and death.

It's good to see this paradigm very much in the mainstream of society.

Lots of love,
EJ :)  

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