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picture28 Sep 2007 @ 15:17, by Enocia Joseph

Shell's bells, I got a little eggstra egg

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't even talk to Lynne Andrews about the chicken and the egg.

When the community nurse cooked breakfast before work, she cracked an egg – only to find another one inside it.

'It was just nestling inside it, a bit like a sparrow's egg,' she said.

'I just whipped the egg out when I saw it and didn't know what to do.'

Mrs Andrews, who hardly ever cooks breakfast, got the eggs from a local butcher and was stunned by the discovery.

Eggs within eggs are formed when a young hen learns to lay.

Yolk passes through the hen's body, into a shell gland, and is laid a few hours later. This hen did not get her method right – another yolk came before the first was laid and a shell grew around both.

But this is not the product of modern egg farming. In 1791, poet Henry Livingston Jr contacted New York Magazine.

He wrote: 'One of my little people brought me a diminutive egg. I broke it and found, instead of a yolk, another little egg floating in liquid.'

Mrs Andrews, from Debenham, Suffolk, even took the egg to work to ask some chicken-keeping colleagues their opinion. She added: 'Like me, they were amazed.'

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