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picture8 Jan 2007 @ 12:25, by Enocia Joseph

A friend sent me the following picture of a bird hitching a ride on the London Eye.

I don't know, these birds are becoming more and more human everyday.

Love EJ

ps: info on the London Eye:

"The British Airways London Eye is the world's tallest observation wheel at 135m high. Located on the banks of the River Thames it offers unrivalled views over London.

"Since opening at the turn of the century, the London Eye has become an iconic landmark, with a status that can be compared to Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Eros and the Tower of London. It has been used as a backdrop in countless films and for innumerable TV programmes. A source of pride for the whole country as well as the capital, the London Eye is the most distinctive addition this century to the world's greatest city, loved by Britons and tourists alike."

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