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 Perception - Frog or Horse?2 comments
picture24 Mar 2007 @ 14:33
What do you think you're seeing?

This is great!

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 Wow! What a Thing!3 comments
category picture26 Feb 2007 @ 10:44
On Saturday I watched a performance on television called The Human Slinky. It's fabulous. Here's another version on YouTube.



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 Nora, the piano-playing cat - practise makes purrfect0 comments
category picture22 Feb 2007 @ 11:02
My mother and I have been watching a talent show on telly called When will I be famous?. The winner of the first show was Tina and her dancing dog called Chandi. I didn't see the second show. Last Saturday I watched show three with my mother. I said to mum, "How come we never see any talented cats? All they ever do is eat, sleep, prance around and look cute." Mum said she was sure there were talented cats out there.

I received the following link from a friend about a see a cat that plays the piano. Hmmm, seems my mother was right after all - there is at least one talented cat out there.

The piano-playing cat

 S.Korean woman sings 60 hours for love and hope 0 comments
picture22 Feb 2007 @ 10:31
A wonderful story about what we can achieve with love.



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 Lonely Heart0 comments
category picture15 Feb 2007 @ 16:24
Good to see Roxy the penguin hasn't given up on finding the penguin of her dreams then. She's taken the initiative and advertised at myspace.com

Good for you girlfriend! Hope you find what you're looking for.

Love EJ

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