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 Thanksgiving Guests4 comments
picture24 Nov 2007 @ 10:14
My American friend sent me a picture of him and his thanksgiving dinner guests. I guess he wanted to make me feel jealous as us Brits only have Christmas.

Here is his picture. My friend is the one in green.

Love to all.

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 Blue entity appears in gas station 5 comments
category picture17 Nov 2007 @ 14:44
This has been making the rounds. Make of it what you will.


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 Eggstra, Eggstra, Read All About It...0 comments
picture28 Sep 2007 @ 15:17
Shell's bells, I got a little eggstra egg

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't even talk to Lynne Andrews about the chicken and the egg.

When the community nurse cooked breakfast before work, she cracked an egg – only to find another one inside it.  More >

 I really don't know if this is interesting or not, you decide...1 comment
category picture5 Sep 2007 @ 13:54
Russian mayor bans phrase 'I don't know'
By BAGILA BUKHARBAYEVA, Associated Press Writer
Tue Sep 4, 6:56 PM ET

MOSCOW - The mayor of a Siberian oil town has ordered his bureaucrats to stop using expressions such as "I don't know" and "I can't." Or look for another job.

Alexander Kuzmin, the 33-year-old mayor of Megion, has banned these and 25 other phrases as a way to make his administration more efficient, his spokeswoman said Tuesday.

"It's a suggestion to the staff that they should think before saying something," Oksana Shestakova said by telephone. "To say `I don't know' is the same as admitting your helplessness."

To reinforce the ban, a framed list of the banned expressions has been hanging on the wall next to Kuzmin's office for the past two weeks, Shestakova said.  More >

 Lonely Hearts2 comments
category picture11 Aug 2007 @ 10:17
This has to be one of the best singles ads ever printed. It is reported to have been listed in the Atlanta Journal.  More >

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