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2012-10-01: All is One
2012-10-01: Love is My Protection
2009-09-17: Going Gaga
2009-09-17: A Method to My Madness
2009-06-29: My Holy Communion with Michael Jackson
2009-04-16: The Price of Harmony
2009-03-03: Dissolving Cell Memories
2009-02-07: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves - Revisited
2009-02-07: Political Correctness
2009-01-20: Unity Consciousness - In Practice
2009-01-19: Seeing Green Shoots
2009-01-07: The Weather of My Dreams
2008-12-22: The Power of Music
2008-12-18: Make-up Artist
2008-12-12: Changing Frequencies
2008-12-08: What Credit Crunch?
2008-12-02: Lullabies
2008-11-13: Solitaire
2008-11-06: What President Obama Means For Me
2008-09-26: Touch-Typing and Trusting in Love
2008-09-08: "Pink Cloud" Syndrome
2008-09-01: A Real Bargain - Kerching!
2008-08-30: Activating Love - Revisited
2008-08-18: Only One Here!
2008-08-14: ET, You are Already Home!
2008-07-25: The Ten Invitations
2008-07-22: The Power of Selfishness
2008-07-04: The Final Conflict
2008-07-03: The Game of Healing and Channelling
2008-06-20: The Voice of Innocence
2008-06-09: Why Is the Illusion So Bloody Painful?
2008-06-02: Man's Inalienable Right to Be a Sheep or Goat
2008-05-29: Just Because I've Made My Bed Doesn't Mean I Have to Lie in It
2008-05-07: Everything Always Works Out for the Best
2008-04-28: Going Green
2008-04-21: Reality TV
2008-04-18: Why the Inner Critic is Now My Greatest Ally
2008-04-16: The Depot Cat
2008-04-15: The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow
2008-04-07: Forever Young
2008-04-01: Gifts of Love Come in Many Forms
2008-03-30: The Artist
2008-03-27: When I Expect Wonder, I Experience Wonder
2008-03-15: Love is the Only Cause I Support
2008-03-11: Living on Love
2008-02-29: Leap Year
2008-02-19: As Light as a Feather
2008-02-12: Why Opposites Do Not Attract
2008-02-11: Opposites Do Not Attract
2008-02-07: To Dream or Not to Dream?
2008-02-02: A Real Gem - The Magic Story
2008-02-02: On Being Blessed and Being a Blessing
2008-01-16: What Are You Like?
2008-01-14: Healing with the I AM
2008-01-02: Are You Feeling the Post-Christmas Blues?
2007-12-31: Are You a Gutless Wonder?
2007-12-21: Bah Humbug!
2007-11-24: Thanksgiving Guests
2007-11-17: Blue entity appears in gas station
2007-11-17: Italian Boy's Confession
2007-11-17: When God Smiles
2007-11-02: Conspiracy Theories
2007-10-19: May I have this dance?
2007-09-28: Eggstra, Eggstra, Read All About It...
2007-09-26: Love Always Has the Right of Way
2007-09-05: I really don't know if this is interesting or not, you decide...
2007-08-24: A Day to Remember
2007-08-11: Dare to Be Love?
2007-08-11: Lonely Hearts
2007-08-11: The Princess and the Frog
2007-08-03: A wonderful website to share
2007-07-30: The REAL purpose for the creation of pets
2007-07-27: Young people of today have never had it so good
2007-07-26: What a Thriller!
2007-07-16: Things That Make Me Go Hmmm
2007-07-15: Immortality
2007-06-23: The holographic universe - Beyond matter
2007-06-07: Euro English
2007-05-31: Wonderful Video
2007-05-30: Elephant Toll
2007-05-26: Is this what dying feels like?
2007-05-15: The Universe Gives and the Universe Takes Away
2007-05-11: The REAL Secret
2007-05-03: All We Need is Love
2007-05-03: With Gratitude
2007-04-20: Symbols, Thoughts or Feelings
2007-04-15: Why Cats Do Not Have to Be Away for Mice to Play
2007-04-11: Moon Landing
2007-04-07: The New Species of Man
2007-04-03: Stay! Good Dog!
2007-03-24: Perception - Frog or Horse?
2007-03-23: Making Everything Up
2007-03-23: The pork scratchings which cost a packet
2007-03-15: SuperNatural
2007-03-10: The Dream of Losing and Finding
2007-03-09: A story about the ultimate salesperson
2007-03-09: Communication
2007-03-08: Let's Hear It for all Blondes!!
2007-03-08: For anyone who needs any help to apply for leave or a job...
2007-02-26: Wow! What a Thing!
2007-02-22: Nora, the piano-playing cat - practise makes purrfect
2007-02-22: S.Korean woman sings 60 hours for love and hope
2007-02-21: Non-Judgment and Faith
2007-02-17: Party Tricks
2007-02-15: Lonely Heart
2007-02-13: Let Go and Let All
2007-02-06: Ham getting married in the morning
2007-02-02: Who said Rottweilers are violent?
2007-01-31: Cat on Prozac? What a catastrophe!
2007-01-27: Destination Nowhere
2007-01-23: Channelling
2007-01-22: Ana Julia Torres and Jupiter, the lion.
2007-01-22: Jumping on the Bandwagon
2007-01-19: Am I Bothered?
2007-01-19: Some of Steve Irwin's BEST FOOTAGE..HYSTERICAL
2007-01-16: Are You Sure You're Ready to Receive?
2007-01-13: Transformed By the Light
2007-01-09: You don't foal anyone pretending to be a dog
2007-01-09: Practical Spirituality
2007-01-08: Who said lions are feROARcious?
2007-01-08: Bird hitching a ride on the London Eye
2007-01-06: The birds who prefer boats to flying
2007-01-05: Rules for Writers
2007-01-05: It's Magic!
2007-01-03: What is Learning?
2006-12-28: Of Spirit and Claiming Your Spirit Passport
2006-12-23: When You Know You're On a Wild Goose Chase
2006-12-22: The Almighty at Work
2006-12-21: Twelve Days of Christmas
2006-12-21: The Timeless Now
2006-12-20: Happy Holidays!
2006-12-19: Wingmakers
2006-12-18: Light is All and in All
2006-12-12: Invoking the Light
2006-12-11: Nothing But a Hound Dog
2006-12-09: Take That and That
2006-12-06: We Have All the Love in the World
2006-12-02: Chuckle Vision
2006-12-01: Undoing Programmes with the Light Grid - Part 2
2006-11-30: Undoing Programmes with the Light Grid
2006-11-27: Perceptions
2006-11-24: Do Gooders!
2006-11-21: Playing It Stupid
2006-11-18: The Life DVD
2006-11-18: Stagecoach
2006-11-17: Lifelines
2006-11-13: Freedom is Being the Love that I Am
2006-11-10: The Secret - Watch it for free
2006-11-08: Hair Cut of the Year
2006-11-06: Albino Peacock
2006-11-06: As Proud as a Peacock
2006-11-03: Attack of the Sprouts
2006-11-03: Two for the Price of One!
2006-11-01: Heaven is Now
2006-10-31: HeavenLetters
2006-10-31: Truth Seekers Movie
2006-10-31: Picture of the Year
2006-10-30: Peace Be With You
2006-10-27: Activating Love
2006-10-25: Games People Play
2006-10-19: There are No Doors
2006-10-19: Policeman given the runaround by pigs - Snort ;)
2006-10-18: Wonderful Things are Happening!!
2006-10-18: Will Power
2006-10-17: Time and Timelessness
2006-10-17: Death and After - Another Near Death Experience
2006-10-16: A Near Death Experience by Mellen-Thomas Benedict
2006-10-16: Diwali - Festival of Lights
2006-10-14: To Love is to Trust
2006-10-13: Veil or No Veil?
2006-10-11: Excerpts from You are That Website
2006-10-10: The Personal versus the Universal Approach
2006-10-05: Person or Spirit?
2006-10-04: Speed
2006-10-03: Disgust
2006-09-30: Trust in Love to Sort out the Details
2006-09-29: Free Hugs Campaign
2006-09-29: The King of Love
2006-09-28: In Theory
2006-09-26: Love Downloads
2006-09-22: Come, Let Me Kiss You Better!
2006-09-18: Masters of Time
2006-09-04: Love Dissolves Grudges
2006-08-25: Resistance is Futile
2006-08-21: The Path of Receiving
2006-08-21: Irish firm claims 'free energy' invention
2006-08-16: The Real Source of Energy
2006-08-11: The Time Machine
2006-08-02: Forgiveness
2006-07-29: Consciousness Raising
2006-07-28: Selected Words of Wisdom by Homer Simpson
2006-07-27: Be Like a Chair
2006-07-21: Breaking the Cycle; Being Myself
2006-07-17: Emptiness
2006-07-09: Angels
2006-07-01: All is Light and Light is Love
2006-06-19: Love, the Great Motivator
2006-06-12: House of Mirrors
2006-06-08: Some Ideas to Ponder
2006-06-08: Be Enthusiastic, But Not That Enthusiastic :-)
2006-06-07: Grace in Action
2006-06-05: The Game of Me, Not Me; Me, Me; and Not Me, Not Me
2006-05-31: Field of Possibilities and a Possible Solution for World Peace
2006-05-25: Grace - Revisited
2006-05-16: Never Mind the Clouds
2006-05-11: The Inner Geek
2006-05-04: For Blog Artists
2006-05-03: Dear God, What is Your Will for Me?
2006-04-29: The Causeless Realm and Why I Love Mary Poppins
2006-04-20: What is Evolution?
2006-04-19: Thought Impulses and Detachment
2006-04-10: Julian Beever's Virtual Street Reality
2006-04-08: Don't Worry, Be Happy
2006-04-03: Behind the Scenes - What Keeps Us From Being Love?
2006-03-27: Let's Play Together
2006-03-20: Being What I Wish to Experience
2006-03-13: Supply and Demand are One
2006-03-07: My Personal Creed
2006-02-28: The Thought is the Very Thing
2006-02-22: Coming Home
2006-02-13: Trust in the Many Hands to Make Light Work
2006-02-07: Food, Glorious Food
2006-01-30: Through a Glass Darkly
2006-01-23: Is Your Enthusiasm Getting the Better of You?
2006-01-16: The Hero Within and Without
2006-01-12: Doing What Comes Natural
2006-01-03: Intelligence, Intent and Being a Willing Instrument
2005-12-23: A Christmas Message - Cold Turkey
2005-12-18: Soul Mates
2005-12-14: Practising Transparency - Dissolving Programmes
2005-12-10: Making Something Out of Nothing
2005-12-07: Maps
2005-12-02: Go Gratitude
2005-11-29: What is Intelligence?
2005-11-17: The Game of Life
2005-11-14: I Have Never Left Home
2005-11-09: A Reminder - There are No Missed Opportunities
2005-11-03: It's That Time Again!
2005-10-27: The Myth of Personal Power
2005-10-16: It's a Done Deal; Just Say Yes.
2005-10-15: I'd Rather Be Grateful, Thank You!
2005-10-05: Love is My Only Insurance
2005-09-13: Are you Seeing the World through a Polka Dot?
2005-08-24: CCTV
2005-07-18: Expecting a Cat to Behave Like a Dog
2005-05-25: Hoodies Banned? Whatever Next!!
2005-05-20: Joy Lifts Me Up
2005-05-11: What's So Funny About Seeing Someone Fall?
2005-04-19: WWW.GOD
2005-04-16: Boring! Give Us A Challenge

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