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picture13 Sep 2006 @ 19:12, by Judih Haggai

speaking in mime

peeling away the cellophane
my eyes barely feel
tactile sensory moments
wishing you were here as i grind the beans
stirring up a magnificent smell
crying into the coffee hour

when i was where you are
i was so much stronger
now i'm here, alone and
missing you

it's not the paisley greeting cards
the false cheer
the doings of a life that roll off the tongue
but the reality of being away
far from my own hopes
too gone to turn back days
pushed into this century
and though my mind stays firm
my hands don't wanna play anymore

serious business
feels like grey hair on an 8 yr old's head
a wrinkle in a puppy dog

innocence sketched foolishness
inside a puppet
i speak in mime

judih, september/06

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