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 Sister, sister
picture13 Jul 2006 @ 04:34, by Judih Haggai

A call to sisters (and brothers of heart) to unite, join hands, sing out to positive connections of hope.

Enough hatred in the world to sink a planet. Let's try another tune.

Sister, sister


singing to a sister
in a voice only she can hear
my tone is she-tone
in a scale of pain, joy and love
i sing of blood and heart
and pain and yearning

oh sister, hug me, sister
turn down the sounds of war
i need sister volume
loving refrains
i need you, sister mine


My pendulous metronome
knows no bounds
back to the stoned age
forward to the interplanetary skies

hippie haven ginsberg chant
to ultrasonic aum

travelling the spaceways
time out
5 dimensional stretch
aerobic galactic
cardio-vascular superb

sister - formed in inanna's image
buried under venus veils
we row our boat fearlessly
no Styx can break these bones
as we fly


the chords of bombs and anger fade
in aftermath comes relief
does it take rage to make a blossom bloom?
must energy bend and tear before it relights and renews?

sister, after the tug of wars
come the gentle down to earths
the smell of wheat and berries
rolling in a lawn of freshly mowed sunshine

we search the globe for our patch of peace
after we rest, we'll work
for there's much to be done
and many to be served

after we rest, we'll ...
let's rest

copyright 2006©judih

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