judih's observations from kibbutz: Mark Fiore's 'On the March'    
 Mark Fiore's 'On the March'
picture3 May 2006 @ 06:41, by Judih Haggai

"Across the globe, people are helping the March of Genocide."

click onto Fiore's latest political animation:

On the March

Bio of Mark Fiore:


Mark Fiore has spent years hating the web.
With a background in political science and art,
waiting for a picture to squish through a
phone line and glacially reveal itself was
not his idea of a revolution. Recently,
however, changes in technology and design
have made the web a much better place to
spend time. Mark's work ranges from
animation and character design, to
illustration and political cartooning.
From the political to the informative
to the just plain weird, Mark now sees
hope for the web. The wait is over,
now it's fun!

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