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 The Let Me GO! Week-long Image-ination Word Jam (april 12th-19th)
picture13 Apr 2006 @ 16:02
Poets! Photographers!
Come jam!

Welcome to
The Let Me GO! Image-ination Word Jam

This will be an Illustrated Spontaneous Writing Travelogue.

Read the Invitation and More About the Jam Here About the Jam

How Do We Do it?

1- Post your image to start a new thread.

2- Please note that you must own your images or have permission to post them. If you do not own the image but have permission to post it from the artist or photographer, please credit the artist or photographer and link to their site if they have one.

3- Your images must reside somewhere on the internet so you have a URL to reference them. Try [link] . (or flickr.com)
Use the Img tab at the top of the posting window. Click the Img button 2x and two tags will appear. Post the URL to the image between the tags.

4- After you post your image to start a new thread, others will be inspired by your image to write spontaneous poetry or prose and others will be inspired by the writings to add their own writings.

This is our second Image-ination Travelogue. We did another one last summer called "Summer Home, Summer Not" and it was a great success!


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 Daughter time
picture7 Aug 2005 @ 09:46
My friends do things with their daughters. They build skyscrapers out of bristol board. They dress up like goblins. They camp for days on end with nothing but a smile and a knowledge of the wild.
They take trips. They go to therapists. They eat junk food and buy shoes.

So, when a blatant opportunity to do something with my daughter came along, i had no choice but to show her the writing on the wall.  More >