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 Happy Rosh Hashana, Happy New Year
picture22 Sep 2006 @ 09:47
A new year! Fall is the time to upturn the soil and prepare the ground for seeding.

May your season be rich
May you feel fertility rise through your roots
May the sun warm your inner soul

happy New Year to one and all.  More >

 july 22nd -early morning sinking heart
picture22 Jul 2006 @ 07:07

early morning brings latest news
sinking heart
escalation of conflicts
engagement in battle

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 To the Dead Sea - descending 900 feet below sea level
picture8 Jul 2006 @ 18:09
It's a fantastic descent, taking a road from the Negev city of Arad and moving down past signs that tell you how low you go.  More >

 All in a Day's Pain May 3-4
picture5 May 2006 @ 06:30
In which life moves from remembering death to celebrating life - to the concept of 'i am' to the realization of 'i am not'.

There's a glorious irony that Israeli Remembrance Day, when we remember fallen soldiers - all friends, relatives, students, colleagues, gives rise to Israeli Independence Day - the 58th year of statehood and the reason for our greatest joy.

That strange second when one ceremony ends and other begins is always a snap of the fingers. Our kibbutz ceremony went from remembering our roots to gazing into the sky, as we enjoyed a 6 minute display of fireworks shot into the dark sky from the roof of our beautiful communal dining room. Sometime during the switch from ground to sky, I caught the flu.

So, with a dubious song in my heart, I excused myself from joining the communal singing in the pub - even though my son was to play guitar after the 'singers' grew hoarse and/or quiet enough to listen. I went home, drank tea and went to sleep. School the next day - had to rest.

The next morning, I gathered my forces to teach, to create magic juice in the hearts of my students to help them digest the particular english structure of 'I am..' In this special, special ed class, the 'I am...' unit has been going on for some length.

We've investigated it from the point of view of name, age, nationality and present moment states such as hunger, boredom and tiredness. We have used the southpark caricature site to build our own self-portraits. We have computered, written and spoke.

And yesterday, the day in question, I brought along Counting Crowes singing 'Colorblind' with the wonderful line, 'I am ready, I am ready, I am ready, I am...fine'  More >

 crawling out of mid-winter mist
picture3 Mar 2006 @ 12:14
Surrounded by flowers,
yet mist clouds my mind  More >

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